Pets & Animals

Ritual Roasters Unveils "Ritual Farm" For PARK(ing) Day

Ritual took PARK(ing) Day to the next level for 2011, waking up at 3am to erect a new barn exterior and bring in a sheep petting zoo.  Sadly, the hay and straw parklet that makes the entire block of Valencia smell like a pumpkin patch and Ritual's rad new exterior is going to be ripped down in a few hours, so bust over there and get your fill before it's gone.

Boogaloos Closed Due to "Vermin Infestation"

Perhaps more newsworthy than the fact I won't be stuffing my face with their delicious (and, as evidence would suggest, most likely not vegetarian) biscuits and gravy anytime soon is the revelation that Boogaloos' business name is Spaghetti Western.  Not to say I don't appreciate their breakfast menu, but that's a genius name for a west-coast spaghetti shack.

Change of menu, anyone?

[Photo by Lazy Crafter]

Hello Kitty Produce Delivery

This mobile mural was parked outside of Noisebridge last night, complete with a spiked leather choker-clad Hello Kitty wheelin' oranges up and down Mission.  Also, I have no idea where that third arm is coming from, but, you know, cats are weird, so it's acceptable.

(Thanks Gray P.!)