MC Paul Barman Busting Out Some Crazy Rhymes

I don’t really hide the fact that MC Paul Barman is one of my favorite rappers of the last decade, but this shit is just ridiculous.  Watch the above video then check out the same series of rhymes as an actual rap with a beat.

(If you’re bored, check out his collection of vids)

Valencia Rain Forest

I know, I know.  Nothing new about trees being planted on Valencia.  That said, anyone walking down Valencia yesterday afternoon with their faces not glued to their cellphones likely noticed how cool this row of trees looked in the rain.

McLaren Park Could Once Again Have a Bike Park

Did you know that McLaren Park was once a 70s hot bed of Bay Area BMX racing?  Well, with any luck, SF Urban Riders are going to turn it into one again.  You know what that means?  A place for teenagers to drink after school.  THE HORROR.

But really, this is a great project and I hope it goes through.  If you also hope it goes through, there is a very important planning meeting happening this Wednesday the 19th at 6:30 at the Louis Sutter Roadhouse.  Go and fight the NIMBYs.

More information (and pics!) of McLaren’s bicycle past.

More information (with pics of how crappy the park is now!) of McLaren’s bicycle future.

iPhone stolen by urinating man during Bay to Breakers

The day after b2b is always the best day on Missed Connections.  This particular one stuck out of the crowd.

Text in full incase you can’t read the crappy screencap:


You were the dude that pissed underneath a house I was standing to yesterday at B2B. You came over and joined our group for a second and introduced yourself. I thought you were just being friendly putting your arm around me but considering you were actually taking my iPhone out of my pocket and stealing it, i’d really like it back. That wasn’t cool, dude. Seriously, look me up in the contacts. It will reset your douche Karma.


The first of hopefully many summer mini-vacations

On Friday afternoon, I decided to get out of the city and its horrid overcast weather and spend the day drinking beers in a rowboat.

Yes, it was as awesome as it sounds.

We met up in Berkeley and drove out Highway 24 into the picturesque (read: bougie, white) town of Lafayette. In town we failed to find Four Loko anywhere (god, suburbia, get it together!) and ended up buying beer and Cooks instead. At the Lafayette reservoir we rented a rowboat and set out to sea lake pond. I won’t go on about the rest of our afternoon, I just wanted to share this lovely day trip with Uptown readers because I imagine many of us tire of spending every sunny day at Dolores Park and, especially given the impending closures, it’s nice to have alternative places for outdoor daytime drinking.

Although we drove, the Lafayette Reservoir is highly BART-able. Once you’re there, parking is $6 and boat rental is $25 for up to 5 hours. There’s a Safeway pretty nearby for picnic food and drink. If you intend to get Lok’d though, you’ll probably have to make a pit stop in Oakland or be sorely disappointed like we were. More info about the Lafayette Recreation Area can be found here. Let’s go Summer 2010!

Punk-Rock Puppy of the Year

I was walking out of Dolores Park, a location I haven’t mentioned on this blog in a whole 36 hours!, the other day and noticed this punk-rock puppy.  I’m pretty sure this qualifies as animal abuse, even on Bay to Breakers weekend, but I still found the dog to look QUITE COOL.

Thrill of the Grill NOW HAS ONION RINGS

Doesn’t this blurry pic make you FUCKING HUNGRY?

I decided to end my 18 hour b2b binge at Thrill of the Grill for a delicious veggie sandwich and learned they now have onion rings.  Onion rings, people!  Maybe I just don’t know where to look, but my life has been lacking in the onion ring department lately.  Most importantly, the rings are quite solid.

The server told us that we were the first customers to ever eat the onion rings, which is probably bullshit but at least when TotG becomes the go-to destination for deep-fried win, I can stick my nose up in the air and say, “Whatever, I was into their onion rings before anyone else.”  Hipster level up!

Tripped Out Mural

I had a Bay to Breakers goal of not urinating in public (made it!), so I definitely walked into my share of stranger’s homes to solicit the use of party pissers.  One strategy I like is just dropping a random name.  “Is this Steve’s?”  “Yeah bro”  Score!  Bathroom access secured!  Anyways, after marking my turf, I noticed one house had this epic mural in the living room.  I wish my real camera hadn’t run out of batteries so I could get a better shot, but whatever.