The Mississippi River Flows into the San Francisco Bay

Check out this bad boy: a 1927 map made by Paramount Studios to tell financiers all the locations they could shoot films in “foreign” settings right here in California.  Cool but I hate to tell you, Paramount Studios of the past, that the New England coast doesn’t have redwoods.  Also, were financiers really knocking at your door demanding to know where you could film scenes featuring “Wyoming cattle ranches?”

(link.  Thanks Neil!)

Win Some Tickets to Big River Man

Normally I wouldn’t let this blog do such a promotion, but Big River Man (Epic River Man?) is a fat alcoholic that likes to do epic adventures (read: me in 25 years).  Given that I love alcohol and windows into my future, I’d like to let you know that Big River Man is playing at The Roxie for a few weeks, starting May 28th at 7pm.

Do you want free tickets?  Tell us your best swimming (or water-related) story in the comments and the best story wins them.

(In the event no stories are told, the first comment will win them.  If no one comments, it will prove what I always suspected: no one reads this thing.  Am I talking to myself again?)

(Buy tickets here)

In case you aren't Banksyied out, here are a few pieces we missed

Exhausted yet?  Well, according to his website, there was an Alcatraz piece and a Hawk Hill Osama Bin Laden that we missed:

I think this last one, “You Concrete Me,” is from Chicago but whatever. 

(All photos lifted from Banksy’s website)



so I just got this email blast with this flyer for a free earth party in the park, I thought oh that’s cool I guess but then I saw The Jacka was on the line up to perform and thought OH THAT’S FUCKING AWESOME! All I can hope for is that some lame’s afternoon of tight rope walking to be ruined by the sweet sounds of the Mob Figaz. I am no fan of Goapele but I will go to any show that has the possibility of Husalah showing up. When he came out with Jacka during Freeway’s set at Mezzanine I kind of lost my shit. In a perfect world Husalah would be up there chanting you’re pretty cool for a black guy and yelling bring me another beer to a sea of apathetic skinny pants. 

youtube failed me for a video of I’m A Wild Child so you get the latest Husalah youtube joint instead.

The world is your oyster, so that fucking sucks you're a vegetarian. This is not about food.

Remember that time I drank a lot of wine and thought “OH YEAH I WRITE FOR THIS TOTALLY AWESOME BLOG” and then I said “blog” so many times that the word lost all meaning and then I tripped out about how the words “again” and “against” are a mere TWO LETTERS APART. And then you start thinking about all of the stupid words that are similar but have nothing to do with each other and I’m too drunk to think of any examples but what I’m saying is, don’t ever let someone tell you wine gets better with age, but they mean “age” as “minutes” and then you drink a whole bottle in 5 minutes AND FUCK YEAH IT GOT BETTER but it’s all relative because I didn’t eat today and so everything is delicious and omg I want some pizza. Anyway see you later alligator or SYLA, or wait, I thought that was supposed to spell the C word. OH THAT’S TUESDAY. Okay bye.  

SHOCKER: The Chronicle's New Foodie Website Tastes Like Shit

The design looks like it is a hybrid of 1999 meets crappy 2006 web 2.0 standards, the RSS feed gives you a two sentence teaser (no photos even!) so you don’t even know if you want to read the post, the homepage is equally useless (for a blog, this is beyond weak), and the entire time you get the sense they are trying to drive pageviews, not content you want to read.

When Paolo quit Eater, I actually wondered if the Chronicle was going to create an Eater/Grubstreet/SFoodie killer.  Should have known better.  Is anyone actually going to read this?  Doubt it, considering there are countless SF foodie websites that are worth reading and, more importantly, easy on the eyes and RSS readers.  What a waste of writing talent.