Dolores Park Lounging

Dolores Park Lounging

Chill Dude Cited for Hammocking In Dolores Park

Michael Libertin is a real chill dude. The former Mission District resident loves parks. He loves naps. He loves naps in parks. So, like any right-thinking individual, Libertin headed down to Dolores Park this past Saturday with a plan. And what was this most chillest of plans, you ask? Libertin was going to nap.

And nap he did. But, according to Mission Local, something went horribly wrong:

[Libertin] was enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon in a hammock he had slung between two trees when he was issued a citation under Parks Code 4.05, which prohibits “malicious defacement, damage or destruction of real or personal property.” One of the parks officers, Libertin reports, was none other than J. Chan of recent Facebook-video fame. […]

Libertin isn’t going to take this lying down. He’ll contest the $192 ticket, as he contends that his sleepy Saturday afternoon was (a) not malicious and (b) not damaging to the tree. In fact, the straps he used to hang the hammock are specifically considered “tree friendly.” Moreover, he went back and photographed the trees a day later to show how conspicuously intact they remain.

And while it may seem absurd that the city is now citing people for napping in public parks, who knows—maybe Libertin was going to litter his hammock?

[Photo: Lynn Friedman]