Don't Blame It On The Bathroom Lines

Mother Nature Continues Proud Tradition of Defiling Dolores Park Muni Tracks

Last night’s storm did more than just jam up BART service. Indeed, it proved once and for all that Mother Nature is a true Mission dirtbag (god bless her). Intense winds knocked down a large tree on the western edge of Dolores Park — blocking the J-Church Line in the process.

Thankfully, the train operator was able to bring the vehicle to a stop before it collided with the felled tree. But still, we have to hand it to Nature for keeping things sketchy on the tracks even when the glass-breaking parkgoers are taking a rainy night off.

[Photo: Diego Ongaro]

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Strong gusts brought down a big tree at Dolores Park’s western boundary, obstructing the J-Church Line in the process. |

Rainy nights don’t stop nature from keeping things shady on the tracks, even when the glass-breaking park visitors aren’t around. See: hydro dipping near me

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