NIMBY's Still Complaining About Dolores Park

In what is sure to come as an absolute shock (SHOCK) to everyone, neighbors are still complaining about the popularity of Dolores Park. Well, at least one neighbor, anyway. The above pictured flyers were recently distributed around the Dolores Park area in protest of the “large amount of people” coming to the park every weekend. It seems that the numerous renovations, added restrooms, and social media campaign to #lovedolores have done nothing to decrease the park’s popularity. Who’da thunk. 

If you’ve been waiting for a chance to complain, in person, to the President of the Recreation & Park Department Mark Buell about the “lack of parking” surrounding the park well then here’s your chance. According to the flyer, Buell will be on the corner of 19th and Dolores Street at 4:30 PM on August 6th.

I’ll bring the truffles.

[Photo: Justin Bigelow]

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I hope Buell can find some place to park!

“Carmen” at 19th and Dolores? The women who cut down the swing in front of the Chapel, who walks around the neighborhood tearing down flyers, is named Carmen and lives at that corner, I think. Less NIMBY than nutty. Nothing to fear.

A bus line and a streetcar line with stops at the park, a BART station five blocks away, and two designated bike lanes within two blocks: unless you have some very special circumstances, why drive?

What if Mr. Buell shows up naked?

And three blog post down on this blog is an article about a tech company being bought out and throwing a party trashing the park.    Maybe the neighbors have something to complain about.

unless the tech trash partiers live in the neighborhood. Because Dolores is “a neighborhood park.”

Most people in San Francisco are pro drinking, drug sales and nudity.

until it happens on their doorstep.

Enforce all existing park laws and the crowds and litter will decrease.

Good luck gaining any groundswell with an e-mail campaign that misspells(typos) the domain for mtakei@