Street Party Mourning Shuttered Lexington Club Interrupted by SFPD

Yesterday evening, as the city-sanctioned Pink Party began to wind down, a very different manifestation of Pride was taking place on 19th and Lexington Street. By 7:30pm, a group of 60 or so had gathered in front of the now shuttered Lexington Club. As music played, they danced in the street surrounded by banners reading “Where is our queer space?” and “Remember, Stonewall was a RIOT.”

The impromptu street closure/dance party, complete with make-shift traffic barricades in the form of folding chairs, did not go over well with SFPD.

However, it appears that SFPD realized arresting a bunch of queer revelers on Pride wasn’t the best move. The police decided to leave, and the party quickly resumed. 

The Lexington Club, one of San Francisco’s last lesbian bars, was sold late last year to the PlumpJack Group and closed at the end of April for renovations. 

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just remember when you see Smilin’ Gavin that he owns this now, and will turn it into a yuppie/tech/shithead bar.

SF Lesbians are some of the most strident practitioners of underhanded exclusionary  tactics.

Even gay bars are more welcoming. 

Serves them right. You can’t squat on prime commercial estate and call it your own while turning away 

everyone else. 

Next, someone please flip that Rosamunde on 24th too and turn it into  a nice inviting Park-Tavern like space.

I’m a straight white male and I popped into the Lex on an almost weekly basis and not once ever had a problem there or felt that I wasn’t welcome. 

It is true though, if I was a queer woman I’d be angry at the immense gay male presence and zero female presence in the bar scene. And at this point it’s probably impossible to open a lesbian bar with rents here, I don’t even know what city welcomes lesbians.  

She assaulted a copy, but she’s a lesbian, so of course it must be the “pig’s” fault!

Well said. 

I am a troll. Ignore me Please.

Nah. You’re not. Trolls are funny.

Yeah hate is real funny.