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Newsom's PlumpJack Group Has Purchased The Lexington Club

When Lila Thirkield, the owner of The Lexington Club, announced last October that she intended to sell the last remaining lesbian bar in the Mission, the details surrounding the sale—and the identity of the new owner—were intentionally left vague. Thirkield explained in a Facebook post that she had been “struggling to run a neighborhood dyke bar in a neighborhood that [had] dramatically changed.” And inadvertently proving her own point, today Thirkield revealed the new owner: PlumpJack Group.

According to a post earlier today on the bar’s Facebook page, the Lexington Club has been sold to the restaurant group founded by Gavin Newsom, with PlumpJack taking over operations later this year. The Lex will close at the end of April so PlumpJack can begin overhauling the space:

So it is with much sadness, pride and a sense of real history that I can announce that we will be closing our doors for good on April 30th, 2015. Most importantly, our final party will take place over two nights, Friday April 24th and Saturday April 25th. […]

At this time we are beginning the transfer of the liquor license to the new owners, PlumpJack. They have been very gracious during these difficult times, allowing me to move through this process in a way that worked best for me, the Lex and our patrons.

As Uptown Almanac originally reported, PlumpJack had begun the process of taking over the nearby Luna Park restaurant this past fall. However, the Lieutenant Governor’s restaurant group suddenly backed out of the deal, all the while stressing that they were still interested in expanding their Marina-centric business empire into the Mission District.

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“marina-centric business empire”?

Way to paint a picture there..

They have one hotel, three restaurants, and three wineries in Napa, one ski resort in Tahoe, and one wine shop in Noe Valley.  They have more business outside of the Marina than they do IN the Marina.  

Ummm… your businesses spanning Napa/Tahoe/NoeValley/Marina, is culturally best summarized as simply “The Marina.” Blazers, khakis, sports cars, and new money. What The Mission is being suffocated by, today.

It’s actually better described as “Greater California.”  Try getting out of the Mission once in a while.

“Greater California”would honestly be the central valley, home to both our capitol and our food supply. Even that ignores the foothill communities, and all of LA and San Diego, not to mention Mt. Shasta or Lake Tahoe communities, Pal Springs and the high desert communities, etc. There is so much to CA, that attempting to represent all of it by proxy of Marin, Napa, and the landfill that is the Marina district is offensive.

Our former hairpiece of a mayor who partnered with old crusty of a governor and abandoned his post before done with his service to install a mayor who would fast track nearly everything? If he would f*€& his staffers wife, he will probably f*€& you too… Unless you’re queer, in which case he will just buy out your bar.

They’re head-quartered in the Marina District. I think that fits the criteria for being Marina-centric.

Kiya’s post just made my head explode.  But, then again, this person is peddling $400 pairs of jeans. 

For only 7 pairs of Kiya’s jeans a month, you, too, can afford a studio apartment on Valencia above a gimmick juice bar.

goddamn that was funny.

even now. 

Who the hell buys $400 jeans who is not a prick??


Judgmental, much? I can’t afford $400 jeans, but I’m not going to assume that just because someone can that they’re a prick.

TIL all people who buy expensive clothes are pricks. Even philanthropists- they’re all pricks.

You know who sounds like a prick? Someone who judges somebody based purely on their clothing choices. Listen to yourself.

It may be that not everyone in $400 jeans is a prick, but everyone in $400 jeans sure looks like one.