The Tradesman: Meeting All Your $16.00 Peanut Butter Burger Needs

Putting their “gorgeous wood” front and center, Zarin Gollogly and Spencer Lafrenz of Harrison Woodworking + Design have joined the ever increasing number of trailblazing entrepreneurs to open a bar/restaurant on the now-definitely-a-real-thing-and-not-the-creation-of-a-restaurant-group “20th Street Corridor.”

According to SF Eater:

The smoking-hot 20th Street corridor has yet another new stunner to add to its arsenal in the form of The Tradesman, which opens today in the same complex that houses Central Kitchen, Trick Dog, Salumeria, and Sightglass.

In addition to serving beer and wine, The Tradesman, which opened this past Friday, sports a diverse menu. Offerings include:

  • goat tartare cured yolk, watercress, horseradish, country bread ($6.00)
  • birria goat stew cilantro, fresh made corn tortillas ($13.00)
  • chicken and waffle ($14.00)
  • burger cheddar, peanut butter, sesame brioch bun ($16.00)

So the next time you find yourself staring at the precious landmark-themed menu at Trick Dog wondering what’s a guy/gal got to do to just get a goddamn Dogfish Head Sixty-One and some goat tartare, The Tradesman’s got you covered.

[Photo: Patricia Chang via SF Eater]

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Where’s a giant sinkhole when you need one?

… castro

always wanted to eat a goat inside a concrete echo chamber

I blame Portland for all this

this is just getting embarrassing

may stop by this place over the weekend simply to take a peek at the clientele

Probably the same as Central Kitchen, Flour & Water, Trick Dog, Bar Tartine, Locanda, St. Vincent, and every other place that’s opened in the past couple years. Not sure what you’re getting at.

With the exception of Flour & Water (on an off-night, fairly empty), I haven’t been to any of those places.

I am very excited to see this place open, the owners are about as local as it gets. They are great people all around and have basically done the whole remodeling all by themselves with the help of a few friends I believe. I hope this place flourishes and I wish them the best of luck! 

ugh looks like the spam filter is broken 

I for one welcome our new overlords. 

Local, handcrafted artisanal overlords!

I can’t differentiate any of the places in the “20th St Corridor” anymore (with the exception of Atlas, of course). They all look the same and they’re all basic as hell. 





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That whole campaign is wicked fucking retarded.

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Who’s spamming Alissa? Also to all you haters out there, if you haven’t lived in this city for at least 10 years stay out of this convo as you don’t really know anything about this city anyway

Convo? Really?  ”the owners are about as local as it gets” How local is that? 10 years via the East Coast? East Bay? Does that $16 burger come with Fries? Speaking of local, did any of you go to high school here? Does 10 years make you an expert on The City? Some many questions.

Fuck $16 hamburgers.