Four Barrel Gets Edgy For the Holidays

“Fuck it!”—it's basically our parent's YOLO.  And just in time for the last minute gift-giving season, Four Barrel has rolled out a new coffee mug barring the old-timey exclamation of pseudo-subversive whimsy.  Only $10!


[Photo by WBTC]

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As edgy as their customers.

Ha, I really have no sense of what you like about the Mission. Like where you eat, what bars you go to and etc… Surely el rio is cool enough for you right! I just don’t see what’s keeping you here, just move to Portland. Yea its nowhere even remotely as walkable, but it has the droids you’re looking for

Portland/Oakland. The herd is “thinking” the same thing and will produce exactly the same unaffordable and bland outcome. I’m about to cash in my chips and find someplace different.

You’re welcome to go anywhere you want. If you want to start a counter-culture scene in Oklahoma city that’s your prerogative.

I think the Flaming Lips already did. Oklahoma is so over. I’m going to Nebraska.

Tackiest post this year KevMo. Please no more style council.