No More Talking About "Annoying Hipster Topics" and "Who You Fucked Last Night" at Four Barrel

Alley Barrel, Four Barrel's back-alley weekend coffee joint, is laying down the law, hoping to keep nice with the neighbors.  They won't tolerate further littering, dirty dishes left outside, and customers being oblivious while in traffic—common sense stuff I think we can all agree is good for everybody.  But their last law is a doozy: “Not talk about annoying hipster topics, or who you fucked last night.  You shouldn't do that anyhow, but our neighbors actually can hear you.”

Now, we're not particularly sure what qualifies as “annoying hipster topics”—the quality of various local music festivals? Mission vs. Public bikes? Telling the barista what kind of coffee you want?—but rest assured, Four Barrel Coffee wants none of your hipster hooey.

[Pic and Further Analysis by MrEricSir]

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Very Cool

Well isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black. If anyone should be familiar with annoying hipster talk its the people working at Four Barrel.

They are just confirming that they are hipsters at 4B by denying that they are hipsters.

I would love to see a specific longer list of annoying hipster topics. Oh wait, no I lived in the Mission for 5 years I don’t want to hear it.

Grammatically it should be “WHOM you fucked last night”, rather than “who”…

Appalling, this decline in linguistic competence…