City Erects Pointless Sign Telling People Not to Smoke or Drink in Dolores Park

Does this mean increased police enforcement will follow, or did the Rec. & Park Department just feel like giving us a new canvass to spraypaint pretty pictures of dicks on?

Regardless, it looks like Gideon Kramer's 2-year-old dream is coming to fruition.

[Photo by Dolores Park Works]

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Although I am normally a big fan of courtesy and respect, this just makes me want to write a big “FUCK YOU DICK” next to “Be Courteous and Respectful of Others”.

Another victory for NIMBYs in the battle for the soul of the city.

The dude does not abide.

Basically they are just making it clear that there is pretext for SFPD to selectively harass and arrest people who are doing something thousands of other people do every weekend in DP. Yuppies with wicker baskets, gingham cloths, and chardonnay = OK. Brown people with hooch listening to the wrong music = cuffed and stuffed.

And if you think the City is doing a great job of running Dolores Park, make sure to vote for Ed Lee for Mayor. He’ll be sure to keep things the same at Rec and Park.

Somehow the fact that “THIS PARK IS A DRUG-FREE ZONE” is in all caps makes it come across as sarcastic even more emphatically.

You know what this sign needs? A little Visa/Mastercard logo down next to the Parks & Rec logo.

boycott other DP …. there R other parks……

how about we keep tearing the sign down - I mean please… the people who smoke and drink!!! This is totally hilarious !

Is this like the sign at Potrero Del Sol that says a helmet is required to skateboard?


Except when it comes to me.

My ass.

Dolores Park is a Drug-Free Zone. LOL - I get it! It’s a joke, right? I don’t think I’ve ever been to Dolores Park without being completely baked.

One time though there was this really obnoxious group of straight people with their fucking child and they got pissy that we were smoking weed. Um - I didn’t ask you to 1) have a child or 2) bring him to the park. So you can move somewhere where its nice and clean and smoke free, but I’m not budging.

I love how “For the enjoyment of all people…” Usually means people who are TOTAL pills

How about a sign that just says, “Hey Pigpen, pick up your trash and dog shit!”

“Please” and “Obey” should be in the same sentence. + it looks like this is at the entrance on 18th. I’ll bring my booze and drugs to the 19th st entrance

well its probably a waste of time/ money. however, if it gets 5 people once a year to think before beating on their drums - i’m down.