Four Barrel Bans Instagraming Anti-Hipster Signage

Four Barrel updated their draconian laws this week, adding “not posting this on instagram” to the list.  The irony, of course, is that the very first photo taken with Instagram was of a Four Barrel cappuccino.  I guess they really hate the attention.

[via Instagram]

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how does posting it on instagram disrespect their neighbors?

my guess is the instagram bannage is directly related to getting their silly list on instagram. what is the first thing you do when told not to do something? you do it. of course.

This couldnt be more boring.

“Real” hipsters drink fair trade yerba mate damnit.

I didn’t fuck anyone last night!!

This is great marketing. I never heard of this place before, now I’ll have to go check it out sometime. And I don’t think any of those suggestions (the word “law” appears only in this article) are “draconian” in any sense, so I hope that was just teasing on the part of the article writer.

Look, aren’t all but the last basic decency? Also knowns as Civilization 101, or You Are Neither the Only Person in the World Nor the Most Important One. If I were to go to that coffeehouse or live nearby, I’d expect and appreciate people behaving along those lines.

As for the last – the word “Draconian” [cq on capitalization, as it is a reference to a person] does not mean what the poster thinks it means.

Would it be better to have everyone throw trash, not pick up after themselves, get in the way of others, be assholes on the street? Serious question.