Feast Your Eyes on the Tamale Lady's Mural

It was just Tuesday when we watched paint dry as Megan Wilson, Jet Martinez, and Roisin Isner started work on their latest Clarion Alley mural, honoring the Tamale Lady.  From the looks of it, they've finished [Update: Roisin writes in, “The mural isn't done yet—Megan is still painting today. Keep an eye out, because the finished mural will include info about her fundraising.]:

And here's a close-up:

Looks great!

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Hopefully she’ll at least be smiling when this is all done. Right now she looks like a bouncer who’s tired of taking your shit.

Good thing you watermarked your supreme composition of another artist’s work.

That’s right, Troy, my supreme composition of another artist’s work has a big-ass ugly watermark so that their shit doesn’t get pirated by unscrupulous assholes who are out there publishing books, mags, shirts and other shit with another artist’s work.

As for myself, I’ve never made a fucking ducat from my photography.
Have you ever seen my photos in a gallery? No.
A book? No.
An article of clothing or accessory? No.
Have you ever seen any of my photos exhibited anywhere? No.

What you may have seen is people pirating photos for commercial work without asking for permission. I got tired of people sending me links of photos from sites such as faux-Christian ones making derogatory comments about gay men and women of San Francisco; irate right-wingers deriding San Francisco and its people and using my photos for their lies.

So have I ever made a ducat from photography? No. The only photo in my house is an 8X10 one of my parents from 1947. But there are thirteen hard drives filled with significant street art, graffiti, murals, and media that no longer exist out there.

So, fuck-yeah I’m going to keep slapping big unsightly watermarks on another artist’s work, so that the thieves of the world don’t use my shit for profit.
Photography hasn’t bought me a goddamed thing and I’m fine with that.

Put down your torch and pitchfork; you don’t get to string me up with no evidence. You can photograph your urine-filled water bottles, and I’ll do my own shit. If it’s on the street and I want to shoot it, I will. You’re not fucking me and you’re not paying my rent.

don’t sweat it - troy thinks he is some sort of photography god because sfist uses a photo of his every now and then. unfortunately, sfist can’t distinguish between good and mediocre (at best) photography, of which troy’s is the latter. black and white ‘street’ photography. how unfucking original.