City Kicks Tamale Lady Out of Zeitgeist

First they came for the portapotties

UPDATE: SFist was able to get Virginia on the phone and find out more:

Virginia says she received a shock when she got the news from Zeitgeist yesterday that she couldn't sell tamales there, effective immediately, and was disappointed that Zeitgeist didn't try to work out a solution with her, such as letting her serve tamales from out of their kitchen. But she says what's make her sad is that even though she has many other spots where she sells her tamales, Zeitgeist is the spot where she feels the most community support. “This is one of the places I can see you guys all the time and talk to you guys and love you guys. Everyone comes in, there's a patio with everybody sharing everything. So that's one of the things that really upsets me about it.”

She's now afraid to sell tamales at other spots—fearing further punishment, and without a “safe business” of her own to operate out of, she's trying to figure out how to move forward (she suggestings people contact her on Twitter if they have any ideas).  As of right now, she's considering starting a start-up delivery business.

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At 2$ they were great. At 5$ not worth it, but a shrewd move on her part to fleece you gringos.

If you’re still hanging at Zeitgeist you’re a bigger loser than I thought.

Because you moved on to the next cool thing?

More than a decade ago. Nothing at Zeitgeist but reasons for condoms and penicillin.

I don’t think you’re supposed to need that for tamales…

You should be shot.

If the foo shits…..

Went there once about 8 years ago. Would have to agree with you..

must be the techie yuppies that caused this…

Why doesn’t Zeitgeist just hire her to work in their kitchen?

Or let her sub contract or “pop up” out of their kitchen? Who knows..the simple answers are often the ones overlooked.

Zeitgeist sucks. the only people that go there are people with no taste or class.

Well, yes. But we need a place too.

Right you are generic_said! Hilarious!

white american democratic capitalist males…