Zeitgeist Ditches Iconic Backyard Portapotties

…and replaced them with additional seating for a caucasian tamale lady.

But seriously, there are new wood, concrete, and sheet metal bathrooms that look more like Dr. Teeth than scrappy motorcycle dive that seats 290 drunks.  But as a former Zeitgeist bartender reminded me when talking about the changes, Zeitgeist translates from German as “the spirit of the times.”  Valencia has been repaved, sidewalks widened, and made safe for valet parking.  The motorcycle, messenger, and gearhead clientele has been pushed away and the bar's “surly” bartenders and bouncers is seen more as a cute, if not kitschy feature than a legitimate force of disgust.

Maybe Zeitgeist is just getting with the times.

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I disagree, I’m still legitimately disgusted with the bar staff there. I’ll keep going somewhere else, thanks.

And you didn’t get the boot for the picture?

I couldn’t believe the new bathrooms, they’re so nice it’s hard to believe you’re inside Zeitgeist when you’re inside. I love the logo on the floor when you walk in.

Iconic portapotties … what a world we live in! How long before we start seeing tshirts memorializing the potties that once were?

Wow, are you permitted to take photos outside again? That was one of the all-time dumbest rules ever.

Do tell me you can still smoke bowls out there?

Hey joker that is a photo of my mother and my friends and I. The real Tamale Lady is right behind you in this photo. Her and I will be looking for you. We have have been going to this bar long before idiots like you made it “need” camera rules… -the guy in the grey and black hoody

At this point, Zeitgeist is the Chili’s of biker bars.