Live in a Van Down By Mission Street

Because the San Francisco rental market is the fucking worst, one would-be mobile slumlord is hawking her sleeper van on Airbnb.

That's right, for just $520 a month (or $92 a night, if that's your sort of thing), you can call this cozy, street-level, rockin' one bedroom/personal Google shuttle your home.  Of course, there is no kitchen, closet, on-site parking, or place to crap (at least, legally)—and we're sure utilities will run a pretty penny—but it is only a third the cost of the city's immobile parking space-sized apartments.  So, you know, there's that.

Page describes her Stab City by the Bay home as such:

I have a 1990 Chevy Conversion van with only 45,000 miles. She runs great and has a cozy queen size van bed in the back and three captain's chairs, including the driver's. It has a clean record and gets pretty good gas mileage for a van.

The photos are verified by, so you know the joke isn't on them, only us.

[Airbnb, via Reddit]

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Get me outta here.

Yeah. Yeah.


That’s crazy. Even if you are going to go the Airbnb route, there are SHITLOADS of actual places to stay for cheaper than they’re asking for that van. Can this even be real, and not a joke?

Seriously! There’s hostels that are half this price, and you get access to a toilet.

hey i read reddit too

Great just when you thought Airbnb was doing enough friggin damage… they figured out a way to screw both the housing market and our impacted parking situation in one fail swoop. “Thinking about getting rid of that crap van you bought for that band that broke up before you went on tour? No need to ever get rid of it now… you can leave it parked in the same space excepting street cleaning forever!”

Exactly – it’s like housesitting for the local music scene!

Was the van rockin’, and if so, did you bother knockin’?

Time for a van pinata. This is ludicrous.

That’s San Jose Avenue at Day Street, opposite the ass-end of the Mission Safeway. Stay Classy, La Lengua.

The building to my right: 4 units, all Airbnb ass-holes who Skype with mom outback and smoke Gauloises.
The building to my left: House, 4-5 bedrooms, all sold on Airbnb, a new SUV every week outfront with no permit.

The first supervisor to propose finally taxing Airbnb like hotels should run for mayor.

Airbnb no longer has the listing so I’m thinking this isn’t available anymore.