Mini Golf Course Preemptively Apologizes For Moving Into the Neighborhood

24 hours later, and the owner of Urban Putt already assuring the neighborhood he's not a corporate bigwig.

I guess it might have something to do with this:

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Protect ya neck kid.

Save the neighborhood from the evils of miniature golf!

from his linked in.. it looks like he’s been a corporate media bigwig(the worst type of bigwig) for a while..

He’s a magazine editor, you dumbass. So basically he has the job that you want, and he’s successful at it.
Give the guy a break.

For a guy who’s worked in the tech industry, you’d think he’d know better than to feed the trolls.

Think of all the people! Maybe drinking! In the Mission! That’s not why *I* moved to the charming, sleepy village of South Van Ness.

making a profit is bad. That is why I give everything that I make over my expenses….NOT.

Profit is good. I like having extra money so that I can go get a burrito or play miniature golf on occasion. I like having the choice to go get a burger at Slow Club and would also like the opportunity to get an In and Out burger in SF without going to fisherman’s wharf.

San Franciscans would rather have an empty building than allow someone adding something they don’t approve of to the community.

Typical SF.

“Typical SF” is growing up and changing fast.

“would rather have an empty building than allow someone adding something they don’t approve of to the community. ” I’ve lived a lot of places and worked with a lot of communities all over the US and this is standard operating procedure everywhere.

I don’t have any particular problem with mini-golf, but I would often rather have a building remain empty than have it filled with something I object to, sure.

I object to a useful building being filled with emptiness.

That’s certainly your prerogative.

I moved to San Francisco because it’s a dynamic fast-moving place, but don’t you dare make any changes to it. Status quo now, forever.

What happened to the window?? Whose window is it??

What about the kids???

I don’t understand why anyone has any problem with taking an abandoned building and making it a fun place to hang out. San Francisco has always been a place where people come to enjoy themselves. I was too young to fully enjoy Playland when it closed. I see this as an opportunity for myself and future generations to really embrace the uniqueness of our city.

SF is a constant churn of people, trends, and businesses. People move here to enjoy it, but end up getting freaked out by it.


Then they move to Oakland.

I heard the Black Bloc is coming to the Mish on 4-20 to break some shit.

Hopefully #1 on that list will be people who refer to the Mission as “the mish”, cuz those people need a swift kick to the neck.


I love mini golf. A new place for games is good. I still miss Japantown bowl! Maybe put less emphasis on the drinking mad make it both family and adult friendly. Maybe night can b adult only. Just a thought. At least it is not turning into a lux emporium or shishi food establishment!