Mini Golf in the Mission

Ever wonder what all these new 24th Street art galleries actually do for money?  Host a mini-golf 'pop-up', that's what.  For $2 a round (decidedly cheaper than grabbing the next flight to New York for a free round at Bushwick Country Club), you can putt a few balls indoors, just like you did when you were a horny teen.

Of course, who the hell knows when they're actually open for business, as they were closed Sunday afternoon—a seemingly perfect time to get a few bucks out of the wallets of some nostalgic sunburnt drunks.  But should you want to chance it for a round, you can head over to 24th and Treat (just down from Mission Skateboards) and rattle their gates yourself.

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W-O-W, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I love that you say this blog reports on art, and this is what you get. If it isn’t an opening by graffiti artist or at fecal face you don’t cover shit.

This isn’t for newly hip bro transplants. It is for people who actually are part of the art community. Sarcastic arrogant bloggers who shit on everything except what they deem hip - need not apply.

Stay at Dear Mom’s or Benders living your vegetarian, I’m new to the mission, but not gentrifying it lifestyle. Leave the art thing to people who do more then blog, work in the tech world, and hang out at obvious mission institutions and drink shitty beer - then brag about it on the web. Never thought Mission Mission would be better the UA.

Oh yeah, and let people troll your blog, harass people, and delete posts. Yeah, Eric and Herr I’m talking to you.

yeah bro…great clip