San Franciscans for the Preservation of John Lennon's Signature

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This is amazing, I can’t believe I’d never heard of it! Definitely gonna have to go check it out this weekend.

Someone should cover that section with clear acrylic or something to preserve it.

Take a rubbing of it before it is gone

I’ve pissed on it before.

John Lennon is a common enough name, could be any JL.

So if it’s bullshit,why does the city pave around this? with out some documentation its just dumb.

Because of Lennon’s British Drug bust, he wasn’t allowed into the US in 1969. That’s why he did his Bed-In in Toronto that year.

Lennon could not have been in SF in May or December 1969. The drugs bust immigration issue is key, but also bear in mind what he was doing, and how well recorded the Beatles movements were at the time. Note also there were no direct flights to SF from London at the time, so he would have had to fly via (say) New York, which would have been further reported.

Lennon was at a party in London on the night of May 4th 1969, to celebrate Ringo’s film Magic Christian (…)

He and Ono bought Tittenhurst Park on the 4th of May, and he was in London on the 8th of May for a BBC taping, and his next reported activity was flying from London to Barbados on the 24th of May. He couldn’t possibly have flown to San Francisco in the interim unnoticed.…

On December 5th, the BBC were filming Lennon and Ono in England.…