Fashion Truck 'Pops-Up' in Dolores Park

First, rental prices in San Francisco pushed restaurants out into the streets, creating a fleet of trendy, $4-a-taco mobile eateries that just couldn't cut in the rough-and-tumble brick-and-mortar world.  Now the fashion world is catching up to the foodies, bringing Top Shelf Boutique right to the doorstep of San Francisco's sunburnt and weed-addled fashion community.

With the way rents are climbing, pretty soon every restaurant, business, bar, and apartment will have wheels and a chassis.  Time to bulldoze SOMA and pave a fantastic parking lot with WiFi hotspots and cappuccinos?  Oh wait…

[Photo by B.Shigley]

Comments (2)

Doubt there was much to bulldoze for the SOMA street food park, unless they bulldozed the trucks that used to park there.

I knew it. It was either gonna be an auto parts store or a fashion boutique…

I called it first!!!!!!