Dolores Park Renovations Potentially Delayed Due to Rejected Bathroom Designs

Mission Local reports:

The architects’ dreams of gaining approval for the second design phase of the Dolores Park Rehabilitation Project went down the toilet on Monday.

Arts commissioners didn’t like the design of the restrooms slated for the south side of the park, and asked the architects to come back with other suggestions.

“The curves work,” said Commissioner Ron Miguel, referring to the shape of the fences above the building.

But then you throw a box inside it, that doesn’t work,” he added, referring to the sharp edges of the building itself.

This might be a minor detail to some, but for project architects Susan Aitken and Aditya Advani, it means the entire project could be delayed.

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Should the whole bathroom be entirely curved surfaces then in order to meet Mr. Miguel’s aesthetic standards? Does anyone with a bladder full of Tecate care about corners? They should at least triple the amount of portapotties out there in the meantime.

On busy weekends, I’ve seriously considered charging people a dollar to pee (just pee!) at my apartment on Oakwood. I mean inside, since the outside of my block is basically a public toilet anyway.

I hope that this quote was cherry-picked and there is actually criticism more concrete than “that doesn’t work”. If not then the arts commission is pretty fucking ridiculous.

Also, 99.9% of all structures in SF parks are boxes situated on or within curves formed by the ground.

I don’t see why the flat building face should cause a problem, but if the guy wants to be a bit anal (had to “splash” the puns in lol) why not just give the front of the building a curve so it “flows” a little better with the outer “rims” of the design?

On the other hand, I still don’t see why this was not OK‘ed straight away?! Its kind of a standard design for outside toilet areas which are built into banks, so what’s this guys problem, does he have some sort of toilet grudge against the designer/architect or something?

San Francisco is ridiculous.

Too many places to tag in this design. The walls should be made of water.

Looks like four elevators. Is this a bathroom, or a secret entrance to a deep underground bunker beneath Dolores Park?

Reminds me of the old joke -

Q: Why did the Romans build the Colosseum in a circular shape?

A: So that no Italians would piss in the corner.

Can we get Steve Jobs architect to weigh in here? I bet they figured out how to make curved bathrooms in the planned round mothership HQ.