This is What SFPD Busting a Bike Thief Looks Like

For all the shit we give SFPD for harassing cyclists, sometimes they go out and do wonderful things for the biking community.  Like busting open Bobby the Bike Thief, or put this guy's face on the sidewalk.  And while I couldn't find any details on this particular bust, other than photographer SF SCUM took this photo last week and it appears to have gone down on Market Street, just seeing this stuff warms my cynical little heart.

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still not a valid reason to kneel on someone’s neck


Kneeling on someone’s neck is pretty fucked up, true, but this photo alone doesn’t really tell us what happened BEFORE this. In fact, the scattered cop-hats would tend to suggest that there was a violent tussle. If the guy on the ground was violently resisting, then pinning him to the ground may be warranted. I have no idea, I wasn’t there to see it.

Fuck Bike Theives. SMASH THAT MOTHER FUCKER’S head into the GROUND!!! FUCK SanFrancisco too for that matter it’s full of a bunch of homeless fucking beggars. I just had 2 high end bikes stolen from me there last weekend and I’m never going back, that city can burn to the ground for all I care! Shit that asshole is lucky the cops caught him and I didn’t, because I wouldnt be able to control my anger! I pump concrete for a living and whip hoses that weigh upwards of 300 lbs ALL DAY LONG that guy probably would be facing the MORGUE and not a jury of his peers after i was done with him.