SFPD Allegedly Puts "Bobby the Bike Thief" in a Coma

Bobby the Bike Thief has been ripping off people's bikes outside of Pop's and along 24th in general for years without SFPD doing a thing about it.  And it's not like there was any question he was guilty.  He'd been caught in the act multiple times.  His picture and (former) address had been well circulated on bike forums and mailing lists.  It had even gotten to the point that gangs of cyclists were going to his house to steal their parts back and were calling for some serious mob justice.  Then around a year ago, he packed up his bags and moved out of the neighborhood.

But he came back at some months back and started jacking people's bikes again.  And this time, SFPD did the dirty work; so says a creditable neighbor who'd like to stay anonymous (for obvious reasons):

So… around 1:45 or so Sunday morning (Sat night) Bobby the Bike Thief was involved in some sort of altercation with cops outside his home that left him in a coma. A citizen filed a complaint against the SFPD and The Police Commission is looking for witnesses to come forward that saw the incident.

As much as I dislike Bobby and think he's a piece of shit, I can't help but feel that no one should be so severely beaten by the police that they end up in a coma.  So I guess I'm just encouraging anyone that did see what actually happened to set the story straight. I'd also hate to have Bobby capitalize on this and sue the city for millions of dollars.

While I dislike violence and despise police violence, this guy ripped off so many of my friend's bikes and some of my bike parts—and nothing comes between me and my bikes—it's hard for me to feel any sympathy for the dude.  But mob justice is no justice at all, and people should be presumed innocent until the courts find them guilty.  So should you feel to aid the pursuit of 'justice', the Police Commission's number is 415-241-7711.

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so is there any proof that this guy is in coma? any credible news articles about this??

Booooo cops. Yay karma!

Karma’s a bitch…

One has to wonder if there’s something wrong upstairs with this guy. If so, beating him seems cruel.

You really think that there is NO ONE out there that should be beaten by police so severely that they be put in a coma? If there is ANYONE ever in San Francisco history that deserves it, it’s Bobby. Homeboy is a guy that smokes PCP, steals bikes, and tries to fight women. Fuck him. They should have finished the job.

His ass was beat, but was it the cops? Maybe they came after something else was going down. Cops around here don’t go around putting people in comas for stealing bikes. Hell they’d rather contain this homey down here in the Mission than some other neighborhood the city gives a shit about.

SFPD cops beating someone into a coma? That’s laughable.

These are the same cops who let a burglar walk on Telegraph Hill, so he wouldn’t get hurt. I’m sorry, but SFPD are too nice to put the beatdown on anybody.

Methinks it was some woman who beat the crap out of that piece of shit.

Thanks, SFPD, for enacting my fantasy.

Fuck this guy…deserves another beat down once he gets out.

it’s cool he probably talked some shit, soooooooo. he should probably join a gang so that his homies can watch out for him. but in all seriouslyness, im going to pops to get crunk.

Dude is not in a coma, just got the beating he deserved. Karma is a bitch

when UA started writing on this guy, I opined that mission hipsters were huge pussies that take this bike stealing shit lying down (or bending over). everyone jumped on me. this guy had been doing this FOR YEARS and not one of the mission style-conscious fellows enacted justice. i guess tattoos dont hurt as much as busted knuckles. i cant believe people knew where he lived and stole their sht back and that was the extent of the retribution.

this story is just further proof that supposedly-edgy mission boys are just rich-kid dilettantes

So, what would happen, if we heard that one of our friends saw the guy stealing his prized possession, chased him, caught him, got engaged in a struggle with the guy, they guys, falls, or your friend punches him good in the struggle and the guy suffers the same damage? Your friend gets arrested for assault and attempted manslaughter.

We’d be standing up for our friend, saying, he was trying to defend his property.

The police likely found him, had to chase him, and in the process, the guy was probably all f**ked up, and the struggle ensued. And he brought upon himself an open can of whupass all of us would like to have given him ourselves.

Bobby was in a fight with his own younger cuzin, when the cops showed up, he started to resist arrest. Then he had a stroke, the cops never beat him into a coma, bobby put his coked up heart to sleep himself. So it was a straight up heart attack wating to happen.

People like this sure as shit DO deserve to be beaten into a coma, if not by cops, then by the people they fuck over. Actually the world would be a better place if more people were beaten this badly.