Is Pop's Bar the Worst Place to Park Your Bike?

If you read various Mission blogs or SF bike forums, you would have noticed that once a month some poor bastard gets their bike stolen or stripped outside of Pop's bar.  Well, it happened again last night.  What's going on here?

1160 York St.

That's right.  The dude that keeps stealing bikes (he even stole a bartender's dog and tried to sell it back to him) lives at 1160 York St. and no one (including SF's finest) will touch him.  You've been warned.

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my bike was jacked from outside of pop’s. whoever did it broke my kryptonite evolution mini, which was properly attached. left just a little piece of it. just a word of warning, your bike is never safe and if you have the opportunity to do so, please get renters insurance or try to take up kryptonites offer of insurance.

yup, 3 dudes had parts stolen on Tuesday.

A U-Lock upside the head might knock some sense into that thief.

this scum bag needs to pay, he got my wheels and bars tuesday :(

Window meet brick.

i wouldn’t doubt he’s gonna be selling parts that the Dolores Bike Swap meet this weekend.

how do we know he lives at 1160 York? and why the hell can’t we stake out his house and u-lock him to a pole?

Anybody got a picture of this guy?

u locked dirtball ala breaking bad! yes please do this

he’s chubby and greasy looking. dishwater blonde hair i believe.

Is it really time for mob justice? I sure hope you watched the guy strip the bike then walk into that house before you posted the address.

bike stolen friend’s leg broken too…but still love POPS