Four 'Poco' Loko Hits Shelves!

After a long two weeks of anticipation, the new 'Poco' Loko has landed on Mission bodega shelves, taking the traditional 23.5oz, 11% ABV tire fire of technicolor vomit and crippling hangovers and scales it back to a kid safe 8% ABV 16 ounce can.

The intriguingly nauseating green apple is almost sold out, so it's probably a good idea to get out of bed, run over to your nearest corner store, and just start drinking now.

[Photo by lurk.skate.sf]

Comments (2)

they already became “two loko”s when they took all the caffein and taurine out! are they doing this out of litigation or do they really think itll “hit the fan”?

How much do they cost average price or exact?