Open Minds Close Roads

No doubt this is a well-produced nod to Noe Valley, which saw a park similar to the one at San Jose and Guerrero proposed for Noe Street get shot down because of irrational car owners and spineless politicians.

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Or you’re just snarky for the hell of it.

That is the ugliest parklet I have ever seen !

I met a girl once who lives by here and she called it “The Hurricane Katrina Memorial Park.” The picture above conveniently excludes the ridiculous steel tubs strewn about.

I drive and walk by here often and I have never actually seen anyone in this park; even on sunny weekend afternoons. I am sure someone uses, but it is not in high demand.

If there was an actual need or desire for a parklet, this is not a bad place; the street did not carry a lot of traffic and people can just continue a block to CC and turn right to get where they are going. The Noe parklet would have cut off a significant cross-street.

I am not sure about the “open-mind” – both this project and the Noe St. project seemed motivated by a desire to create parklets and “reclaim” streets rather than any assessment of need and feasibility. So it is really more political correct than anything else.

Nice to see the neighborhood kids playing basketball in the park.

I have seen people buy their coffee at the cafe across the street and walk over to enjoy it in the park. I am person who has enjoyed that park too and I’m glad it is there.