Bevan Dufty Unfit to be Mayor

Noe Valley SF reports that the Noe Street Plaza has been shot down in favor of the small parklets that have been going up around the city.  Even though this isn't entirely Dufty's fault and he's clearly going to receive the majority of the blame, the whole escapade demonstrates his inability to lead.  During a recent community meeting on the subject, Dufty could not control the floor and let screaming neighbors run the show.  The net effect of this failure was the “compromise” that was just reached in Noe Valley:

We are excited to report that of all the different ideas talked about over the past few months, Parklets on 24th Street have gained the most support in Noe Valley (a survey at the June 30th workshop, for example, demonstrated 3 to 1 support for this proposal). Parklets do not affect traffic circulation and instead use two parking spaces to build out a deck for landscaping, tables and chairs, and other pedestrian elements (see for images of Parklets in other parts of town). If all goes to plan, we would like to add two Parklets along 24th Street this Fall. We will be working with the merchant community to identify the most suitable locations but it is important to note that these spaces will be open and free to use by anyone. As in all Pavement to Parks projects, these Parklets will be trial and closely monitored for success. If they do not work out, they will be removed.

So basically a bunch of whiny car drivers derailed what would have been a positive addition to Noe Valley.  Instead, we'll get a place were people briefly hang out then move along (given my experience with the parklet on 22nd, it is not a comfortable space to spend any more time than it takes to eat a slice of pizza).  Oh, and it will probably be removed when people complain about losing parking spaces.

This is the second massive failure we're seen in the past 6 months from the Supervisor's office.  He largely punted the Dolores Park renovation outrage and presided over another joke of a public meeting on that subject.  Worst of all, he promised there would be a followup meeting in June to discuss planning for the Dolores Park renovations.  That meeting never occurred.

A man who cannot control crowds and show leadership on important, divisive issues does not deserve to be our mayor.  The fact he even considers himself qualified is shocking.

I applaud your self-esteem Bevan, but why don't you sit this one out so we don't have to endure another 4 years of incompetence.

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You really have no idea what you are talking about, your political analysis is asinine. Go back to posting crap about Banksy.

I walked the streets like an old French whore for Bevan. I think he’s done an ok so so job. One thing to make a note of: Politicians can’t talk to their angry constituents the way bloggers talk their readers. Unless they are Chris Daly, and he was run out of town.

Dufty is inept; he’s barely passable as a supervisor, but he doesn’t have what it takes to be mayor of San Francisco.

So far my experience with the guy has been completely negative. I don’t appreciate being lied to. Will never vote for him again.

Nothing like two-data-point “analysis” from a blogger who can’t go 24-hours without trying to brag about what kind of malt liquor he’s drinking this week. HOW ELSE WILL I KNOW YOU’RE COOL?

Just curious, what do you know about Bevan’s track record?

being Mayor of SF has got to be one of the most thankless jobs ever…..hell, I voted for Willie Brown because I thought he’d be able to bring some serious state and federal corruption dollars into SF, and even in that I was disappointed….

Dufty started out pretty good back in the day when he was naive and actually wanted to do good things in SF…. the guy is a total sham at this point with only one site in his future. Im sure he keeps asking you for donations as well. Everytime I see the guy he’s asking me or my friends for more money for his campaign. He’s forgotten about the people and small businesses that voted for him, donated to his many campaigns, supported him and now he shits on the very communities that got him where he is today and plays the City Hall good ole boys games as usual