Street Artist Protests Unnecessary Museum Exhibits

An anonymous reader sent us this snap of the Banksy-parodying piece on Divis and Oak:

I was walking by yesterday and saw this stencil made by Eddie (streetartist? Im not from here so I dont really have my streetart culture up to date).. anyways, the bartender from the winebar this advertisement is attached to, Vinyl, on Divisadero St and Oak st told me it was in response to some street art exhibit at the MOCA.

I figured I'd pass along the news to you guys. I thought it was pretty cool.

Definitely cool.  I hate museums!

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Yeah, I wasn’t claiming it was Banksy… was just trying to point out that it was parodying his style for the oblivious readers out there.

Someone go point their smartphone at the whatchamacode at the bottom left there!

So…was he commissioned to do the piece?

I agree with the sentiment. Street art is fine for what it is, but once you’re become an established street artist, where do you go from there? Well if you go into a gallery, now your street art has become (in retrospect) advertising for your gallery show. Which makes it less artistic and more, well, like for-profit vandalism.

so what?
are you going to let us know when a dog pisses on it too?
same thing, though at least dog piss has a cool color.