Another Banksy Gets Buffed

Banksy's “This is where I draw the line” on the side of the Red Vic got buffed a week or so ago after being up for nearly a year.  Now, I'd probably be more alarmed about this if I ever went up to the Upper Haight to admire street art.  Or if I ever went up to the Upper Haight for any reason at all.  But what amazes me about this particular instance of street art disappearing is that people have already begun 'defending' his work's memory—or at least going up against the property owner—as if it was some sort of human rights abuse to cover it up.  “Nobody's finished we aint even begun.”  Oh shittt, I can see the property owner pissing his pants all the way from the Mission.

For the unfamiliar:

(First photo by Brian Brooks | Second photo by Sarah Sosiak)

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street art is stupid, someone should do a fillin over that shit

was this written with a straight face?

“…if I ever went up to the Upper Haight to admire street art.”


It always strikes me as really odd when a property-owner paints over a Banksy. I mean, completely aside from whether or not you appreciate his artwork as art… painting over it is essentially the equivalent of just burning a big pile of money, KLF-style.

You don’t like it and don’t want it on the side of your house? Fair enough. Cut it out and sell it for $50k, and spend $2k of that getting the wall patched back up.

I think youre forgetting the crucial factor that most people are really stupid and that half of these asshole property managers dont live in the City

the buffed over part was actually painted on the house on belvedere, not the red vic… unsure if the one on the red vic is still there or not

Was this one really a Bansky or just a copy? It was on the side of a private residence.