Mexican Food For Marina Residents Headed to Valencia

Inside Scoop is reporting that Marina taco shop Tacolicious, along with a new tequila bar, is coming to Valencia @19th:

Assuming all goes to plan, owner Joe Hargrave is hoping for a late spring/early summer debut in the Mission. The second Tacolicious location will mirror the original in many ways, from the lively vibe to the farm-fresh purveyors to most of the menu itself

Executive chef Telmo Faria, who will oversee both locations, says that they’ll add a bicycle delivery service, ranging from 30th to 15th and Folsom to Dolores Park, or thereabouts. And just for laughs, the Marina Girl salad will be replaced by the Skinny Jeans salad.

It's going to be really interesting to see how this place does amongst countless real taquerias.  It makes sense that Tacolicious works on Chestnut because the Marina doesn't have any good Mexican food, but Valencia?  You'd think people wouldn't even bother.

Regardless of whether people will eat here or not, I'm most interested to see if the HipNimbys Chicken John FREAKS THE FUCK OUT that a Marina-based chain is invading Valencia Street.  After all, this is pretty much the 1967 Arab-Israeli War all over again

(link / illustration via Inside Scoop - Thanks for the tip, Henri!)

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Respectfully suggest the acronym NIMCC. (Not in my Chicken Coop.)

Tacolicious. That is such a Marina name for something. For our neighborhood I would suggest something a little more to the point.

Taco Whore.

And I mean that lovingly.

I hope someone sets it on fire.

the Beretta folks are also opening a mexican spot, don’t know where tho.

Tacolicious is bland crap. Their salsa has the bite of babyfood

Is Chicken John fucking anyone who owns a taco shop? Cuz that’s the only way he unleashes his bullshit - on behalf of whoever he’s fucking right now. He’s gotta protect Ritual Roasters that’s for sure! that’s why I boycott that shit.

As long as Ritual keeps brewing the best coffee in SF we probably don’t need any other reasons to protect them.

Why isn’t there a spitting protest about this?

Every time there’s a new restaurant in the Mission lately it’s another bougie pizza place or some crap like this that nobody’s gonna eat and it makes me so sad because there are so many different types of food that aren’t present in the neighborhood that would be of much better service to residents. Like, how about good, cheap Thai food? (No, Osha doesn’t count, although I don’t hate on the one in the TL since it’s way cheaper than the Valencia one.) Or maybe reasonably nice, sit-down Korean?

No, you should have to take a week off from your job to ride the N all the way out to the beach, then walk like 4 desolate residential blocks all the way to a restaurant hidden in a little garage to get your Korean fix.

It’s so weird that Toyose is now like some big thing. I used to live in the house directly behind it, but in those days it was an awesome Narnia of a Sushi joint, as opposed to an apparently overrun Narnia of a Korean bar.

Namu is opening a new spot in the Mission i think

Valencia Street is played the fuck out. fuck this shit, I’m moving to Oakland

hey the name does say it all, anything jersey/tacolicious is bound to do so well on val these days. i aint movin fer shit tho.

what the mission most needs is some good chinese food…..

Why whine about something that is too “Marina” for you guys? Get over it, the Mission isn’t and never was the pinnacle of “Cool”. Get outta the Mission for one day out of the week and maybe you, too can be a rational individual.

What do you mean, “too” Marina?

Ti Couz is now a sports bar, so this comes as no surprise. Plus, Tacolicious would be smart to get in on some of that Papalote money that’s floating around. Yuppies in the Mission don’t want to wait in line all the way down at 24th St.