Taking Care of a Banksy is Hard Work

Over the past few months, I've seen dozens of photos of this shopkeeper maintaining the prized Banksy on the side of his establishment.  Scraping off stickers, washing off spraypaint, painting the wall around it; you'd almost think he created the art himself.

I'm sure Banksy can't help but laugh at this peculiar situation himself.  Had this piece been put up by anyone else, it'd be deemed vandalism and painted over immediately.  Instead, his artwork is cared for through paint bucket and tagging attacks, gratis.

(photo and title inspiration by Brandon Doran)

Comments (3)

He wouldn’t be using so much elbow time if Otter Poop and Dan Plasma, local San Francisco envious poseurs hadn’t started bombing this piece, hoping to get some recognition for their tired and uninspired redundancy.

Uh, it’s also a cool looking work. He could also, ya know, just like it.