Blue Bottle Officially Coming to Dolores Park

The SF Examiner is reporting that Rec. & Park approved Blue Bottle's two year lease to sell wares in Dolo:

Blue Bottle LLC — which already attracts hundreds of coffee aficionados who wait in long lines at its Ferry Building, Hayes Valley, Mint Plaza and SFMOMA hot spots — was granted a lease to sell its organic and pesticide-free beans in the park.

The Recreation and Park Commission approved the lease at its regular meeting Thursday, with two revisions: It was cut from five years to two years, and the cart can’t be “smack dab’’ in the middle of the park.

The exact location and opening date of the stand is still unclear, hopefully they don't just plan the stand in the middle of the park.  What seems sketchy is the business narrative that is being injected in the park.  Now that “legitimate” businesses are permitted to sell in the park, what does this mean for the grassroots, DIY economy that we all now enjoy?  Will businesses setting up shop in the park start demanding a crackdown on kids selling cupcakes because it's unfair competition?

What bothers me most is that Dolores Park is a dependable good time without feeling like a fairground.  But with such a large marketable crowd, I guess this was bound to happen.

(Linkphoto by spencerhooks.  Hat tip InsideScoop)

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While I like Dolo, I’m trying to make DoPa happen. Then we can have NoDoPa and my fav, SoDoPa. Ya with me?!

If any of the revenue from this goes towards bathroom cleaning/maintenance, I’m all for it.

I agree, who cares about dirty water, sell beer