Levi's Making a Return to Valencia

After closing their Valencia St. plant in 2002, Levi's has decided to make Valencia and 17th the new home for an upcoming store “Levi's Workshops.”  Their website says a lot without saying anything:

This is where it all begins.
A pioneering act.  A focus on craftsmen and their craft.
A merger of creation and community.  A spirit of devotion and dedication.
This is Levi's Workshops.
July 1st,  San Francisco

No idea if that means they are teaching classes or something similar.  Their signage says “alterations” and “laundry.”  Fun!

On a side note, I'm really digging the fact that their signage has “bloggers” on it.

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The real news is that Charles Phan will be opening up a something there once Levi’s runs it course at the original slanted door location.

That is real news. I hope he serves german food. As for Levis, remember: if your chain is based here, you can only open a new store in the Presidio.

Press release thing from Levis about this:

“The Levi’s® Workshops will be multi-use spaces, featuring a functional workshop, community event space and retail storefront.

Each workshop is designed to focus on a specific craft including printmaking and photography, and will feature forums where local pioneers in design, sports, technology, sustainability, and other interests can engage and collaborate.”

Sometimes I really hate PR words like “engage” and “collaborate.” Oh, “innovate” is also on my hit list. In any case:


This is what American Apparel should have done – throw in some artsy-fartsy craft bullshit with your store and the hipsters would have been all over it.