"Banksy" Tagged

I’m confused guys.  On one hand, a piece of “historic” graffiti has now been trashed.  On the other hand, it’s just graffiti getting tagged over.  Should I feel bad for Banksy?  Should I feel bad for Brad Pitt who now won’t be able to pay $600,000 to remove this piece of Valencia Street history and bring it to LA?  Should I feel bad for SF graffiti artists who are getting upstaged by immigrant graffiti labor?

Is Otter jealous of Banksy’s fame and knew he could get some mad press coverage by acting out?  Maybe he’s just the ultimate hater.

Anyways, I like bikes.  I like Banksy.  I like Otters.  It’s a match made by God himself.

(photo by Sean Reynolds)

UPDATE: Rachel in the comments informs us that Otter defaced the one in Chinatown as well.  Not going to lie, I kinda like what he did there.

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Otter’s Chinatown tag has already been painted over. Banksy’s remains.

It doesn’t bother me much. It’s not like he is painting over Banksy’s stuff, which wouldn’t upset me that much either. That’s the beauty of street art. It is free to all (except maybe the property owner) and inherently temporary.

The one on 9th was hit by Otter too. Otter didn’t exactly paint over it, but pretty close. I guess I don’t really see the point aside from just wanting to be an asshole.

Clearly this is not legit graffiti, but illegal viral marketing for Otter Pops.

Otter pops are awesome

If Otter can’t source some free wall to pimp his shit, then he’s a camp following puta.

I’m sorry, but that’s not art. None of it is. Sure Banksy has some good artistic skill, but in the end it’s nothing more than graffiti. Commissioned work is one thing, defacing private and public property is another. All graffiti is just an armpit stain on the fabric of society.

was at the chinatown location at 11pm tonight, seems that the additions have been painted over and a plastic cover has been added over the doctor section. signs have also been placed asking for people not to ruin it.

Why shouldn’t people ruin it? Would Banksy respect a sign asking him not to ruin a blank wall? Obviously not as no sign is needed; there are laws against vandalism already. It is amazing the number of people who will defend this vandalism in the name of art. Meaningless juvenile doodles are not art – they are just vandalism. Hipsters need to get over themselves and get real.

edit: didn’t read the previous comments

coattailing it.

Weak & poser-ish.

Idea’s admirable, but don’t f*ck with the original piece by painting so close.

Waiting for that attention whore Dan Plasma to show up and paint next to a Banksy piece next.

This answers another question: why did he paint over Carlos Santana? He claims he was asked to throw his stuff up. There’s some pathological ego at work.

Why is it a crime to paint near Banksy, but Banksy gets a pass for painting on the heart?

Because one is symbiotic and the other is parasitic; that’s why.

Actually both are parasitic. Banksy is defacing the walls of property owners who will now have to pay to paint his crap over. So Banksy grafitti vandalism relies on taking from others – the very definition of a parasite. As between Banksy and the other graffiti vandal, there is no distinction. Banksy has no basis to claim that his doodles should not be defiled. Sorry you can’t have it both ways.

Before you continue with more of your Hooterville babble, check out what the owners of the wall in Chinatown were photographed doing:


That’s right, they’re restoring the Banksy to its original state.

N.B. The guise that hipsters are wearing these days.

The peace symbol and the heart are part of Banksy’s piece. The wall was blank before he hit it.

that fool otter is a fucking TOYYYYYY and a MADDD HATER. get your own rep fool. dont be sucha dick rider homie. shit is WEAK!! ur a toy. put ur cans away.

Where in North Beach?

North Beach is like little Italy….and like all other little Italys around this country, SF’s little italy (or “North BEACH”) is next to chinatown and the stripclub district

That was after they painted over the preexisting tags, I liked it better in the original environment.