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If Bill Murray was a Triple Bacon Cheeseburger

If this doesn't quite satiate your appetite for celebrity heartburn incarnate, head over to Bay Area artist Cahill Wessel's portfolio for more crazed prints and portraiture, including such deranged concepts as “Rhino and Elephants Having an Orgy While Baseball Players Hit Homers” and “Siamese Twins With Their Shotgun, Shrunken Heads, and Pet Tigers.”

[via Fecal Face]

Local Homeowner Needs Lesson in Community Networking

This note to neighborhood taggers is adorable.  Adorable.  It's written on a repurposed grocery bag.  It's violently stapled to the wall.  It ties in local sports teams.  It innocently assumes taggers won't respond with stickering it.

But really, South Van Ness homeowner, what you need is a buddy.  A buddy to guide you through the rough process of creating a mural in the Mission.  I mean, have you walked down Clarion Alley lately?  The “do as you wish” artistic free-for-all approach to community art just doesn't work.  You'll go to bed with a Giants mural and wake up to find really crude post-feminist fascist propaganda (read: a stick figure with a giant cock).  And no one wants that.

[Photo by OMG the Mish!]

San Francisco Bay Comics: TOTS Perplexed

I'm up in Portland right now for Stumptown Comics Fest and was too busy getting ready for it to illustrate a Missed Connection for you heathens, so here's a SF Bay Comic that I've been holding onto for a time like this. It's based on a poem that a buddy of mine, Chris Kalman, wrote while he was staying on a friend's roof in the Mission. He didn't have a pen or notebook on him at the time and so this is a poem about having to write a poem by texting it to yourself on a cell phone.

Local Taqueria Prepares Us All For 2012

This may be old news, but has anyone else looked at the mural inside of Taqueria Vallarta on 16th and Mission? I mean *really* looked at it?  Right in the middle panel of, what appears to be a fairly standard painting of Mayan culture, is a UFO beaming Jesus down to Earth in all his haloed glory.

To be fair, I haven't done any research on the Mayans or their beliefs since the 5th grade, but you would think one would remember the part about alien Jesus teaching the Mayans about math and sculpting giant heads out of rock. So I took it upon myself to dig a little deeper into the truth behind the mural. After consulting the experts on this sort of thing, I learned something new today: This totally happened, 2012 will bring Earth to a whole new level of enlightenment (and inclusion in the Federation of the Universe!!), and the artist at Vallarta should be hailed a hero.

Also, the veggie burritos at Vallarta are pretty legit. Go eat there.

Missed Connections Comix: Emergency Enchantment

I drew this one up last night, which didn't leave me enough time to wonder about whether or not you wanted to see this much blood on your Sunday morning.  Ooh Yah, Bloody Marys do sound good.