Can We Replace All of Valencia's Street Signs With THIS?

I realize this sign is located atop of some evil yuppie Everest no-no place, but just look at that sign.  Sure, if I understood anything about typography, I might throw out some learned words justifying my admiration of this piece of perfection.  But I don't, so you'll have to just settle for my guttural take on this—that the red-on-yellow italicized whimsy of Valencia embodies the laid-back-Rhea's-sando-no-hands-on-the-handlebars spirit of the street far better than some dumb white-and-black blocky sign.


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“dumb white-and-black blocky sign”? Is that a veiled dig against Cherin’s? Take it back!

I like Cherin’s, too!

tagged “Nob Hill?” Seriously? Your urban geography skills need a beat down.