San Francisco Bay Comics: TOTS Perplexed

I'm up in Portland right now for Stumptown Comics Fest and was too busy getting ready for it to illustrate a Missed Connection for you heathens, so here's a SF Bay Comic that I've been holding onto for a time like this. It's based on a poem that a buddy of mine, Chris Kalman, wrote while he was staying on a friend's roof in the Mission. He didn't have a pen or notebook on him at the time and so this is a poem about having to write a poem by texting it to yourself on a cell phone.

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I don’t think ‘loathe’ means what he think it means.

Haha, no I think it does… In his own words “Basically, I wrote that poem the night we ate mushrooms and went to that weird bar with neon blue lights and all the wrap around couches. Is that the elbow room? Anyway, as the shrooms started to kick, I tried to create a little energy by dancing around all ganglelegged on the dance floor, but everyone else looked at me like I was crazy. So I left and tried to find a good little spot somewhere in the middle of the city that might resemble the woods. Eventually I came to rest on a high stoop in a large abandoned parking lot, tucked into some bushes. It was actually dark in there in the shadows, and I got to wanting to write a poem. All I had was a cell phone, so what ensued was a very very frustrating encounter with T-9 and Abc text functions on some modern bullshit machinery that for all its frills and computer chips could never match the pure sweet functionality of paper and pen.”

Spy Gadgets For Adults

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