Dolores Park Renovations

Foreign Correspondant covers Dolores Park closure

No, not really, but this mockumentary style video produced for a UC Berkeley film class is worth watching anyway.  The whole gimmick bares striking similarities to another Limey accented look at the Mission microcosm (below), but with less witty one-liners and better production values.  

(previous “BBC” vid via: SFist)

Dolores Park Renovations: What We Can Expect

I know this meeting went down last week, but no mnstrm media outlets have covered the expected changes yet and, obviously (?), the future shape of The Park is important.  The quick details:

  1. The project has been delayed (let's be honest here, it will probably be delayed again).  Don't expect any construction to break ground prior to June 2012.
  2. The next “community” meeting about the project will likely happen around late Nov. / early Dec. this year (appropriately timed for when everyone under the age of 35 is traveling).
  3. A second building will be constructed in the park, sacrificing crucial green space.

Many of the crucial todos are something we can all agree with: better tennis courts, improved irrigation and drainage, making the park more accessible to the handicapped, improved facilities.  But the whole process is being hijacked by the vocal minority.  There is a demand to create a space for “active recreation.”  Calls to astroturf the “soccer field.”  A push from the historical clubs to preserve the dumpy restroom/facilities building and create a second structure to serve  as the bathrooms.  I've even heard some talk from some bikers of packing the next meeting and requesting a pump track go where the soccer pitch is now (which would be awesome, but that's not the point).  Really, the only thing missing is a giant Mickey Mouse statue.

This was the list of renovation requirements and ideas distributed by Rec. and Park at the “community” meeting last monday:

Renovation Basics:

  • Comply with federal ADA laws (interal walkways and perimeter sidewalks, seating, restrooms, sings/maps, etc.)
  • Make the park easier to maintain for RPD Operations Staff
  • Address safety concerns with MUNI tracks and 19th Street Bridge
  • Complete overhaul of irrigation system and drainage system
  • Renovate tennis/basketball courts
  • Provide new restrooms with more stalls
  • Provide care for existing trees and landscaping and integrate new planting into historic planting palette
  • Maintain historic fabric of the park

Additional Improvement Ideas:

  • Celebrate and preserve Mission Dolores Park's history and identity!
  • Renovation/repurpose existing restroom building
  • Add more pathway lighting, benches, tables, and bicycle racks
  • Provide flexible recreation opportunities (multi-use sport court, field)
  • Create safe and welcoming park entries (including 19th Street)
  • Support active recreation with improved turf field, adult exercise equipment, and perimeter jogging/running path
  • Safety delineate dog play, provide seating and signage related to dog play
  • Explore creative solutions for trash collection
  • Develop unobtrusive infrastructure for events and solve amplified sound challenges

How Would You Renovate Dolores Park?

Reader “12million dollar man” chimed in with his plans for the upcoming $11.7m renovations of Dolores Park:

They should just give the money to me, and i'll take care of the renovations…

We'll have an epic party where three people walk away with a new Lamborghini. A Free big mac, a free pack of smokes, and a free 6er of bud light for everyone who comes. Non stop strippers, and fireworks the whole time. We'll pay to dig up Michael Jackson's coffin and have viewings. Lady Gaga will come and sing country music. We will spray one lucky person in gold leaf.

Then when we've used up 99.9% of the money we'll use the last bit to spread some grass seeds. Renovation done.


$11.7M Dolores Park Renovation Process to Kick-off This Spring, Park Closure For Up to 2 Years Possible

I was talking to some of the fine folks of Dolores Park Works this morning and they hipped me to this document outlining the city-approved $11.7 million Dolores Park Renovation project.  New bathrooms, better tennis courts, new playground, better grass for me to be cool on, and the clubhouse (that is currently full of asbestos) will be rebuilt and open for community events/soirees/romantic evenings gazing at the skyline/epic keggers.  This is about the best news to drop since the iPad.  But, of course, there is a catch: parts of the park (potentially the entire 14 acre eden) could be shut down for up to two years, starting as early as August 2011.  See you at Potrero del Sol.

From the January 11, 2010 Project Status Report:

The project scope will include the repair and/or renovation of the courts, field, and clubhouse; restoration of existing roads and pathways; upgrades to subsurface infrastructure, irrigation and lighting; modifications to the site to remove barriers and improve accessibility, and overall reconditioning of the park landscape. The renovation of the children's playground will be completed under a seperate project.

(At the time of publishing, no one from Supervisor Dufty's Office nor the Recreation and Parks Department was available for comment).