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San Franciscans Unaware of Everything Going on the World Decide to Protest Nothing

Not only is protest the new brunch, it’s also the new waste of time. At least, that’s the opinion of some San Franciscans. This Friday evening, a few local jackasses who are either completely oblivious to our national catastrophe or civically insatiable are holding a “fauxtest” in Dolores Park.

The organizers acknowledge this is a dada exhibition, meaning they are openly mocking the protests across the country. They encourage would-be attendees to show up with signs have slogans such as “read a damn coloring book,” which sure sounds like a dig at our bullet-point president.

Should you want to watch these folks paint the town red with rage, you can witness their flatulent indignity toward people giving a shit march down Valencia Street at 6:30pm Friday.

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I think you miss the point of dadaism.

Your blog is a valuable resource. Thank you!

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