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Video Of Drivers Responding to The Wiggle Stop-In


Here’s footage we caught of some of the dangerous situations created by drivers of automobiles during the Stop-In. Apparently, Capt. Sanford and Mayor Lee feel these should be the daily conditions on the Wiggle.

Posted by The Wigg Party on Friday, July 31, 2015
The Wigg Party, the organization behind Wednesday’s “Wiggle Stop-In,” posted a video demonstrating how some motorists responded when confronted with cyclists fully complying with traffic laws. As the video shows, several drivers reacted dangerously.

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I don’t get the point? This isn’t normal use, there aren’t going to be 40 cyclists stopped at a stop sign at once. 

There will be if everyone comes to a full and complete stop at every single stop sign. There is definitely that many cyclists during commute hours on a normal day, the reason you don’t see them lined up like that is because everyone understand this is stupid.

No, it’s not normal use at all.  The law only says you have to come to a stop.  It does NOT say you have to line up single file and go through one by one.  It’s a laughable tactic and makes the cyclists look like bratty children. 

So is a bicycle and ride equal to a car and driver and must follow the laws for cars?

Or do you suggest that bicycles should be two across -or three across, or should 10 bicycles stop and then proceed through an intersection?

How do you want bikes to “line up” at a stop sign?

We want to know what will make you happy?

And yes, there are that many bicycles and rides moving through the Wiggle route.

In the eyes of the law, yes, they are equal and should follow the same rules.

I don’t really care how they organize themselves at the stop sign, as long as they stop.  My point was that lining up single file like this is an artificial interpretation of the law and only being done to exaggerate the real impact stopping would have.  

“I don’t really care how they organize themselves at the stop sign” Uhh, sure sounds like you do….

Actually the law does.  It says that riding abreast is only legal when no other vehicle traffic is being delayed.  So as long as there is a car behind the last cyclist, taken literally, the cyclists have to stop single file.

When I was riding motorcycle we would ride two abreast up to the stop sign. If motorcycle do that you can to. 

Except that the police crack down on bicyclists riding two abreast.  I have had a police officer make a U-Turn and come back to tell my wife and I to ride single file on Clement St, when there were no cars behind us.  

Tim, you’re right. There could be more cyclists. There could be fewer. Exactly forty? Sometimes, but not often. The point is: do you want to wait it out?

Just like that  taxi’s shown in the video and certain cars,   its a strong expectation that some motor vehicles  will do a slow burn road rage when their pace is slowed by a bicycle.    They expectation of bad behavior by the cars, stops me and many from riding bicycles, and that is not fair.

If the  police would concentrate on the actual danger categories there would be even more bicycles on the road..

i used to bike to work every day (via the wiggle) and never rode in a pack larger than 5 people. This video is a pretty great exaggeration.  

I’ve rode in groups of 10+, and it depends on the time. If everyone gets in a  single file and stops at least 3 seconds at the limit line, the bikes will pile up very quick. It flows a lot faster if they are yielding the stop, or even blowing through it completely. 

I’ve been cycling for more than 40 years and so have a fair amount of experience.  I stop for pedestrians and other vehicles.  But I don’t stop for signs.  I slow down, make sure it is clear and then proceed.  I’ve been hit before by a motorist running the stop sign.  Had I not come to a complete stop before proceeding I would have cleared the intersection before he arrived.  But I didn’t want to be a scofflaw cyclist so I came to a complete stop.  When I realized he was not going to stop at the stop sign it was too late to accelerate and get out of his way.  BTW, in Amsterdam cyclists do not stop at stop signs.  There are no stop signs in Amsterdam.   At those intersections not controlled by a traffic light the Dutch simply yield to each other.

The Wigg Party, the organization behind Wednesday’s “Wiggle Stop-In,”

The Police Department has a civic responsibility to uphold the laws that are currently on the books and crackdown on red-light and stop-sign running cyclists. Cyclists should be issued tickets for moving violations, including disobeying traffic signals and failing to yield to pedestrians.

Its appalling that Supervisor London Breed supports this type of recklessness from a group who’s leader suggests, “Water, WEED and Watching sports.” as his favorite hangover cure…

Is Drinking and smoking weed representative of the values of the Wigg Party?


It goes something like this. Being the police have scant resources to devote keeping the city safe. If your bicycle is stolen, don’t bother the police with that as they are watching of the city.