Yet Another Street Food Park Comes to the Mission

The new-and-improved Mission (TM®) we’ve all found ourselves living in can’t support one lesbian bar, but it can apparently support four food truck parks. SocketSite reports that the parking lot on the corner of Valencia and Cesar Chavez is slated to turn into a permanent home for food trucks:

Already home to one semi-permanent cart, plans to covert the used car lot on the northeast corner of Valencia and Ceasar Chavez into the “Valencia Food Truck Park” have been drafted and submitted to planning for review.

At the crossroads of the Valencia Street and Cesar Chavez bike corridors, the proposed park would accommodate up to seven (7) trucks at a time, with seating, bike racks and a permanent bathroom as well.

Barely a month after the opening of Duboce Truck Stop, this newest addition to the not-so-mobile mobile eatery game proves, yet again, that we still haven’t reached peak food truck.

[Photo: Google Street View]

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I’m fine with things like this,  I love the street food in Portland.  But our food truck scene is awful here.  What we really need, which is described in the Socketsite comments, are food markets like in Asia.  This city is dense enough to have the kind of wild crazy ass markets seen in Thailand.

Oh no! The loss of yet another spot where “real” mission locals used to be able to take outdoor shits in the middle of the night… Our neighborhood is evaporating before our very eyes!!! What’s next?

Hey now.  I used to take a shit there.  Now I goota cross Chavez, hop a fence, and go behind the employment center.  

If you loved that lesbian bar so much, why didn’t you support it by spending money there regularly?  Asshole.

Exactly. When will the weak and whiny finally understand that these “interesting” businesses need actual patronage to keep their doors open?

i’m guessing “jack,” the author of the story, is not a lesbian, that’s probably why he didn’t go there much. ease up on calling people “assholes” for no good reason. it’s not nice.

I am under the impression the Lexington didn’t close because of lack of business, it closed because the landlord raised the rent and the owner didn’t want to change her business model and double the drink prices and become one of those places. 

I’m confused about what we’re all supposed to be angry about here.  Food Trucks are for the most part affordable alternatives to sit down restaurants with healthy, delicious,  food available within a buck or two of “authentic” “affordable” Mission alternatives like tacquerias and McDonalds.  And using a languishing empty lot for something that offers a community gathering space for ANYONE is a good thing.  I think even “indigenous” Mission natives would enjoy a nice meal for under $12 with a nice variety of choices for everyone in the family. 

I checked out that new “food truck park” on Duboce and Valencia the other day and there’s a reason why I put “food truck park” in quotes.  It was the middle of lunch on a Friday afternoon and there was one hot dog vender and about four drunk dudes sitting at a park bench.  (btw, the drunk dudes were clearly using the bench has a spot to kill time since I didn’t see one hot dog between them).  Not exactly a place where I wanted to stick around.  Perhaps before opening more of these parks they should find out what the demand is from the community.  Another empty parking lot that advertises itself as a place where you can grab some lunch does not make a food truck park.