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Another Street Food Park Comes to the Mission

Confirming that we have yet to reach peak food truck, a new “food truck park” has opened up down the street from Zeitgeist on Duboce. The Duboce Truck Stop, which had their soft opening this past Monday, promises the following:

DTS will host up to 4 trucks daily for lunch M-F 10:30am to 3pm.  We will be open for dinners and weekends once we obtain our Beer/Wine permit to serve which we anticipate will be Mid October and will be hosting up to 10 of the city’s best food trucks.  So get ready for the City’s Newest Food Truck Park and Beer Garden.

The options are set to change daily, and you can check the schedule out online before walking over there only to be met with crushing disappointment at the lack of poutine.

It is worth mentioning that the latest parking lot to foray into the foodie game is not actually located in Duboce Triangle, as claimed by the DTS website, but rather in the scenic environs of the Central Freeway— an area better known for bicycle chop shops than culinary delights. But with new microhoods popping up almost daily, in no time at all I’m sure we’ll be talking about the new food truck park located in sunny “Duboce Flats.”

[Photo: Benedict Arnold’s]

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Finally, a place for food trucks in the desolate food truckless corridor between SOMA Streat Food and McCoppin Hub.

SOMA Streat Food is too long a walk from the Mission and McCoppin Hub is only doing weekend dinner now. What Sam said–why the hell can’t more trucks in more places be good? Better than the blight that’s around most of this area.

I don’t even know what you mean.  One of my favorite things about Portland is the immense variety of street food in places like this.  If anything we need much more of this and much less of the insanely priced restaurants in the Mission.

In case anyone’s actually wondering where this thing is, their site hides that pertinent information in their Contact Us page: 55 Duboce Ave.

Check out their site for some hilarious stock photo watermarks and “Read More” buttons that don’t.

Not to mention skeumorph and non-responsiveness! What year is this, 2012?!

“Check out their site for some hilarious stock photo watermarks.”

That’s what really got me. Their lead image isn’t even a food truck photoshopped on their parking lot–it’s a weird mix of stock photos.

Don’t forget the ever-annoying homophone mixup–‘palette’ rather than ‘palate.’ Gnar. OK, I know no one gives a crap.

And their social media links just go to the front door of those sites, not their own accounts which they presumably neglected to set up.

Inner Duboce Trapezoid.

The Pinch

Can we be done with this food truck nonsense already?  Who wants to wait in line with a bunch of arrogant douchebags to buy overpriced fast food next to a highway?

Can we somehow require these food truck parks to provide electric outlets? Those generators are the most poluting form of power.And really, that part of town is now Skate Park City - or, dubiously, SoMa West, - and has been called the Sausage District…There was a push for the name “MiSo,” but that was a terrible idea.