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Prankster Promises Noe Valley Hooters

Posted on the exterior of the now closed Bliss Bar, this unassuming public notice promises a little excitement for sleepy Noe Valley in the form of cheap chicken with a side of objectification. 

But the families of Stroller Valley can breathe a sigh of relief, as this is clearly a joke. If the proposed (amazing) business name of “Neighborhooters” is not enough of a giveaway, the corporate name of Hooters is actually “Hooters of America, LLC” and not “Hooters, LLC” (as pointed out by others).

[Photo: ErosResmini]

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*Sigh of relief* If this had been real, I would need to buy a whole new wardrobe because of how much weight I’d gain eating there every day.  Damn.

Are we basing the certainty this is a hoax based on “of America” being left off a hand-written sign? I would guess that’s just a clerical error and we’re getting the world’s first Neighborhooters.

Everything else checks out. Architect sign that went up the same day is real. Address of ABC is real. The ABC website hasn’t been updated with new applicants since before the sign went up. 

My thoughts too. If you go to the Hooters website (because why wouldn’t you do so in your spare time?) and scroll to the bottom, “of America” is actually omitted in the copyright footer.

Perhaps the unusual name may be a crafty way of bypassing the formula retail laws?

I called the Hooters customer hotline on Monday and asked about this. They didn’t have an answer, but said they’d get back to me.

I’m still awaiting their response.

are there AI bots that write these comments, I don’t understand why they get written…