Noe Valley: Still The Worst

Noe Valley's self-titled blog of record hails the “patience” of the tenant at 1190 Sanchez St. as worthy of cupcakes, but I hail their patience as aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh.

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I think their point was that the driveway owner, who left a bunch of notes on the car instead of having it towed, deserves cupcakes. I agree – that’s WAY nicer than a driveway parker deserves, and also much nicer than I’d be if it was my driveway…

Yeah, that’s what they meant (changed the post so that was more clear). Regardless, Noe Valley remains one giant eye-roll.

Why’d they have to bring cupcakes into this shit? Them cupcakes didn’t do a damn thing, to anybody! Leave the fucking cupcakes alone…..capiche? And don’t forget the cannoli.

First world problems, first world solutions.

People park in my driveway all the time. I do not hesitate even for a moment. I have SFTMA on speed dial and I call immediately to get the vehicle ticketed and towed. Don’t want that to happen to you? Don’t park in a driveway that isn’t yours. Seems pretty obvious to me.

Cupcakes or no, this person is being WAAAAY too nice.

Pleasurable, isn’t it? I bet you also say things like “the city is hostile to drivers.”

“I have SFTMA on speed dial and I call immediately” Wow, really SFMTA hack, are you THAT stupid? Dear readers of this blog: there is no SFMTA number you call to get anything done unless its to get a parking meter installed in front of your great grandmothers’s gravestone. Idiot.

People with garages (who’ve removed curb space from the public) really let the power get to their carbon-monoxide burdened heads.

Unless the people that have garages built or had someone build their residence how have they removed curb space. Also how is the garage user worse then the other driver?

I agree with Special K. Nobody likes passive aggressive jerk offs. Call the cops or don’t. But I don’t want to hear about it. This shit head is akin to those a holes that write anti abortion rhetoric on the side of their panel vans.

I have anti-abortion rhetoric tattooed to my penis. It says, “Is this really what you want? Please, think it through”. It’s long, I know. My little man is little, I know. The tattooist, though, was exceptional. A true magician.

Mmmmm, I dunno, in the realm of passive/aggressive-note-leaving-assholery, this seems like a minor example to bust on. I mean that’s quite a big favor someone was doing for someone. I could do without the cupcake industrial complex being brought in, but I guess they ‘ve got their fans. And clearly some are in Noe Valley.

This example should be studied by game theorists and papers should be written. By the way, Noe Valley is not like the Mission where the top layer of cupcakes should be skimmed off to remove the patina of formerly airborne-AIDS, but I am not eating treats that some scofflaw leaves in feont of my house regardless. Was that a run on sentence?

Haha.. He is one real good man who deserves more than a cupcake. I mean who is going to tolerate an act like this, parking a car in their driveway. He really did saved the owner of the car.

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