The Giants Won, So Let's Throw Bottles at the Police Chief

The Giants won last night (go Giants!), and so the Mission did its customary thing. Last night, however, that thing included throwing bottles at Chief of Police Greg Suhr. A tipster, who recorded the incident on video (stills of which were turned into the above GIF) describes what he saw:

The chief arrived in an unmarked car.

A few minutes prior to his arrival, police on motorcycles were trying to clear the intersection of 24th & South Van Ness, when one officer was shoved off his motorcycle and people in the crowd threw several bottles.

The tipster goes on the specify that the footage is “of SFPD Chief Greg Suhr dodging a glass bottle that was thrown at him at 24th Street, near South Van Ness.”

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Can’t wait for these assholes to be priced out.

A huge number of the rioters were obviously drunk techbros. Same retarded frat behavior seen at any big sporting event/major win in cities all over the US. Can’t blame you for looking forward to them being priced out.

Ha I’m not saying I like tech bros, but what you’re saying is clearly a lie to anyone actually on the Mission st last night

I was there and it wasn’t techbros. It was your typical wannabe gangbangers.

Bullshit. I would argue at least half the crowd were white, 20 something males (incuding myself). While there were plenty of Latinos and African-American it apeared to be at least a 50-50 split of demographics…..

Of where? Burlingame? Redwood City? Most of the people trashing our hood last night didn’t live here. Sure, a couple local morons got in on the antics, but if you think BART and the 101 didn’t bring in most of those people, well, you’re not thinking very much.

Yeah, these look like tech bros.