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Local Hero is Vandalizing Cars With Burritos

While this burrito-on-car violence pales in comparison to the time we spotted a sex worker prepping a sloppy mess of cylindrical goodness on a trunk of a car, we’re nevertheless impressed: according to Doctor Popular, a vandal is using burritos to write “CREAM” on the windshields of cars parked in the Mission. It’s an act of artistic expression that is certainly inconsiderate of the drivers of the delightfully victimized cars. It’s also perfect in every way.

Anyway, no word if this vandalism campaign has anything to do with the recent opening of Cream, the Wu-Tang-themed ice cream shop that seems to be a hit with the Palo Alto crowd.

[Photo: Doctor Popular]

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Ha Cream, the crowd there is just exactly what I was expecting.  With no deviations, I guess I almost never go to 16th street anymore though, maybe thats just how it is now? 

There was a full-on boy band dropping mad lip synchronized moves to creamy customers the second day they opened. 

San Francisco, just as quirky as ever!

Also, this reminds me of the It’s Always Sunny episode where Frank’s old gang from the ’50s reunites and sings a cappella songs to the delight of passersby, all while trying to be intimidating. 

I know it’s easy to hate CREAM simply due to location, but it’s a great product.  I used to live near the one in Berkeley and was never let down.  Granted, I’m sure the crowd at this location is somehow (in the most understandable way) even more unbearable than drunken Berkeley students.  But still….good cookies, good ice cream.

That said, I don’t see myself going to the SF location very often, if at all, simply because of the crowd.  But it’s worth going once if you’ve never had the cookies.

I was pretty skeptical of Cream just by its appearance (it looks like it belongs in the Westfield Mall food court), but was pleasantly surprised. $3 (tax included) for a legit ice cream sandwich isn’t totally unreasonable.

That said, they are clearly angling to be the next Cold Stone. And they’ll never beat a Pumpkin It’s-It.

Cold Stone will always be Ras Trent territory. 

Kids bring gentrification.  Keep the kids out, stop catering to young people. 

Not me.

I don’t think this is any sort of ideological vandalism. I watched a group of kids outside CREAM the other day steal onions from the pruduce market on the corner and alternate between throwing them at passing muni buses and then pick up broken pieces and rub them all over a random parked car out front they had been lounging on. Like full on laid out on the hood sunning themselves and then use the onions to pretty much wax the car. I imagine one of them had a burrito to use on whatever day this happened. 

That’s weird since the market on the corner closed for good long before CREAM opened.

Passing by Cream a few times, I noticed a TON of kids.  THEY seem to love it. 

Kids have no place in the Mission.  It is an “Adult” neighborhood – it has been an adult area for a long time.  Kids will quickly cause rents to go up and gentrification.  Go Burrito Justice!

You mean white kids, right? And you also mean between Valencia and Guerrero, right? not the entire neighborhood. 

How many of you are SF Natives? Chime in please…………………………crickets……….yup that’s what I thought.

Neighborhood’s evolve and change with time. This is what’s happening right now in the Mission Corridor.

Let the community grown /blossom and prosper. Have you noticed….no chain stores outside of 1 Mc Donalds and 1 Popeyes reside in the Mission. Good reason why. Look into it. #Supportlocalbusinesses

Or we can complain / bitch / burrito smear and run all the customers and businesses away and go back the way 16th St corridor use to be 15-20 yrs ago.

Your Choice


Don’t forget Starucks, Sketchers, Burger King, Office Max, Best Buy, etc. etc…

Been out of sf for about a year now. According to google maps, that burger king is permanently closed. The best buy and office max are pretty out of the way (this coming from someone who spent most of the time closer to 24th and mission). 

Looks to me they wrote creem, not cream.  Lester Bangs fans?