Park Your Car Off Mission and a Prostitute Just Might Prep Some Burritos On It

Local malcontent Elliot James Byrnes happened upon this proud scene at 17th and Mission Thursday night, finding “Sad Clown Hooker” whipping up a mean set of burritos on the trunk of some doomed car.  Street food at its finest.

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Only if I was in a blackout and that would be a blessing.

I see this woman all the time and am happy I now have something to call her

I hope she was wearing gloves, otherwise this might be unsanitary.


That’s some mighty fine photojournalism, Mr. Byrnes. What bar were you headed to when you snapped that, I wonder? Did you order the Pichon Asada or Raton Mole?

I got the Labia and Lengua combo, wet of course.


We call her Raggedy Ann at Treat. She is fon
d of crapping on the sidewalk there.

She’s mentally ill, with mixture of alcohol. Been 6 months off and on at 24th. Cops have actually tried to help her, refused.
“prostitute”… Really hip and cool for the blog eh? Nice.
whatever she does for money, she is obviously in need of help. But yeah, ‘characters’ to take pictures of. I should be use to it by now.
You and missionmission will have tons of fun when the bubble bursts and austerity really kicks in. Mental health pros and subsidized housing will be first to go. Then health care by cop bullet comes here… it is in rest of country.

Hate to say it, but America has been dumping its homeless services since before I was born. That’s the baby boomer’s pit stain of selfish Reaganite politics, not mine.

Regardless, I don’t know the story of everyone on the street in the neighborhood. Sorry if you found it exploitative. Thanks for attempting to look out + help her.

My first reaction also included they thought, did you have to mention that she is a prostitute? But it is an interesting slice of life that our prostitutes are making there own burritos, and making them 8 at a time on the back of cars. How many readers here have ever made there own burritos?

Dude. “Prostitute” is a job description, not a slur. I have no idea if this woman is a prostitute or not, but it sounds like you are simultaneously agreeing that she IS a prostitute, but objecting to her being referred to as a “prostitute”. Is there a different term you’d prefer? Because “Prostitute” is just about the most PC characterization of that profession that I can think of.

Confirmed: I banged her last night for a taco.

“Sex worker” is the preferred nomenclature these days bro.

Well… no. I mean, sex worker is a larger category. Prostitutes are sex workers, but not all sex workers are prostitutes. Bro.

Thank you for clarifying. People always get that wrong…

the point is, if she were a bank teller or a dentist or a phone salesperson, that probably wouldn’t have made it into the article. People are pointing out that BECAUSE she IS a sex-worker, her job title is being used to sensationalize what would have been an already striking story about street burritos on the back of someone else’s car, and that maybe it’s objectionable to include the details of a person’s sexual activities simply to sensationalize a story that otherwise would not have had any reason to mention either her supposed work title nor her suspected or actual sexual behaviour.

I don’t think that’s correct at all. The examples you give are people with non-obvious professions. A better analogy would be if, instead of a prostitute, she were a mariachi, or a meter maid, for instance. Would those professions be just as likely to be mentioned as “prostitute” in an article about making burritos on the back of a car? Yup. Pretty clear that they would be.

There are two women in the neighborhood who look like the woman in this picture. Hard to tell which one this is - looks like “Raggety Ann” who typically wears a red bow in her hair and has freckles.

The other (no freckles, a little younger I think) spends most of her time on 24th, fits TS’s description, and has been part of our neighborhood for well over a year, off an on. She is in dire straits whenever I see her - but typically refuses services when the paramedics are called - which is often. Herr Doktor - I wouldn’t refer to a her as a “prostitute” in the sense that she has not chosen to have sex with men on the street as a “profession”. She is a mentally ill alcoholic who has sex with whomever is going to help her stay drunk or high or give her a place to sleep for the night or maybe some food. The last guy I saw her with on 24th and Shotwell was soaked in urine, both of them ranting about going to Applebees. Two weeks before that I saw her being tended to by paramedics on 24th and Valencia after she had passed out in her own vomit. 24th and Capp a few weeks before that.

I called the paramedics myself several months back - when I saw her stumbling into the middle of the intersection at 25th and Mission at 7:30 a.m., barely conscious, and visibly pregnant (and no, she wasn’t just bloated). Didn’t see her for a few months after that. But she seems to be back on her regular routine now.

Labia and Lengua combo… that’s funny.

We call the other lady “The Waver” as she tends to stand in the street and wave at cars and will walk right up to them when stopped and try to get in. Both of them make the rounds between 16th and 24th, with 16th usually being the early shift. When I used to smoke I would kick down to them.

i wonder how much she has cost the city in ambulance calls?

Also, Nice job on the Tags. I first skipped them, but yeah, nice creativity there.

Academy of Arts FTW

This woman hangs out on 24th street all of the time so I see her most days when I’m out walking my dog. At first it was kind of funny/scary to keep running into her, like how most crazy/homeless people are. But now it’s just sad. I heard her talking to another homeless man one day about how her parents forced her into prostitution from a very young age and that she feels that being with a man is the only way she can feel loved. It really broke my heart….until I was in Guadalajara on Shotwell one afternoon and she came in screaming at people to give her food, walked over to some poor innocent guy just trying to enjoy a telenovela and grabbed half his burrito from his plate while shoving it into her face and yelling at everyone to “give her something to eat, goddamit!”.

tl;dr: sad clown hooker really loves burritos.

Yeah, I think if he just called her a ‘stute, people woulda been fine with it.

Sometimes I feel sorry for her; sometimes I just wanna avoid her like the plague.

Fascinating investigative journalism there.

This city has everyone thinking that if they don’t have some kind of bullshit mobile pop-up foodie crap cart trunk boot for sale in the Mission, they will be disenfranchised and marginalized by the IPO fueled arduino wanker culture who’re (pun intended) out there consuming anything they want to. Too bad she will probably get a hot shot of Crazy Horse and catch the Westbound, leaving the netgawking cube-dwellers scrambling to find the next crappy blogge post to chime in on - like I just did. You are all all-day suckers - I suck sometimes. She out here. Livin it. You? hell no.

Yup, I’m jealous.

I think her name is Raquel or Rachel. She is an alcoholic and has cirrhosis, hence the bloated stomach. She hangs out a lot on 24th Street.