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SFPD Back to Hassling Dolores Park Picnickers Over Booze

Last month, we reported that Dolores Park’s irritable neighbors were once again demanding SFPD to increase their patrolling of the park. Now, according to SFist, cops were in the park yesterday afternoon giving grief to people drinking.

[We’d] just like to inform you that we’re receiving a first-person account today of cops roaming through a mildly crowded southern half of the park on this beautiful, sunny Wednesday afternoon, forcing people to empty their bottles and cans into the grass. So rude.

SFist goes on to remind us that, yes, it is illegal to drink and smoke cigarettes in the park. While those “quality of life crimes” have never been a typical high priority for the department, it seems the pressure to crackdown in Dolores is back on.

[SFist, Photo: colleenvonhenry]

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This is unwelcome news.  And I hope it is an exageration, or inaccurate..   

I’m against the police turning themselves into the enemies of the people. 

The police should stop this type of actions immediately.

If the people of San Francisco would prefer to use their park in this way, enjoying some alcohol in a public space and not harming anyone, then the LAW is wrong and needs to be changed.

It’s way past time to start pushing back against the War On Fun Brigade, especially Supervisor Scott Wiener, Rec and Park head Phil Ginsburg and the handful of landed gentry uptight neighbors surrounding the park that dwell under the misconception that their opinion should have more weight than the tens of thousands of people who actually are using and enjoying this public space paifd for by our taxes.

The parks in San Francisco should be also be returned to being open 24 hours a day, reversing the ridiculous school marm law that was rushed through and passed almost completely under the radar last fall by Wiener and Ginsburg.

Next up, Wiener wants to spend an additional $5,000,000 per year on more Rec and Park Rangers. This authoritarian tool needs to be replaced as soon as possible. 

Public parks are for everyone, and the more use and enjoyment they get, the better for all of us and the better for our community.

I just did some checking and it’s perfectly legal to consume alcohol in most of Golden Gate Park as well as all these parks (this is only a partial list):

Alamo Square, Alta Plaza, Alice Marble, Allyne Park, Angelo J. Rossi, Fay Park, Lafayette Park, Hilltop Park, Huntington Park, Ina Coolbrith Park, Mountain Lake Park, Joe Dimaggio, John McLaren, Justin Herman Plaza, Marina Green, Michelangelo, Mountain Lake Park, Pine Lake Park, Russian Hill Open Space, and Sue Bierman Park.

In fact, it’s legal to consume alcohol in any park in San Francisco if it’s not on this list from the San Francisco Rec and Park Code, Sec. 4.10.

Alcohol was made illegal in over a dozen parks in 1998 at the behest of a Baptist minister who’d been elected Supervisor. “The good book does say a little wine is good for the stomach,” said Supervisor Amos Brown, a pastor and strong supporter of the ban. But “we’re just concerned about people who drink too much wine”

These anti-drinking laws shouldn’t apply to educated people like me and my friends!  Don’t the cops know the difference between gross homeless people and “cool” people???

@Brian,   I’m definitely not one of the cool people you hang out with,  As proof, I report 100’s or 1000’s of graffiti, and I’ve suspect that I’ve got more experience in years.    I’m okay with not being cool.  I’ve got other qualities.

First, let me address the legality you wrote of .    Inside Dolores park, once one is X number (i think 100 feet) from the sidewalk, there is a step down in civil and criminal sanctions for drinking in Dolores Park.    I believe that legal distinction  is a recognition of experience of people who are now too old to be cool, but had a hand in writing the laws, that it is sometimes a good thing to be able to drink in the park.

Secondly, now-a-days, on a crowded day in Dolores Park, there are 100’s of people with phone camera’s and who can call the police if the behavior is bad.   That built in safety structure, should change the function of when a heavier police presense is appropriate.   

This man knows how to defend white privilege like a pro.

This is bullshit!! I’m moving back to Palo Alto.

Another typical unemployed and entitlement hipster headline.

Its a park for fucks sake. And get over yourself.

Ps. Mom and dad want to know if you got their last check for your rent.

I thought it was ok if you were in The Quad…