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Watch Zio Ziegler Paint Cinelli HQ

Zio Ziegler has been covering San Francisco’s walls with killer murals for years (some of his finest neighborhood examples include the old Sycamore mural and a piece on the side of Campfire Gallery), but lately he’s been taking his art on the road.  Take his lately work: a twisted bike-themed mural painted outside of Italian bike manufacturer Cinelli’s headquarters.  It’s quite a piece!  And the timelapse of its painting is worth a watch:

[via Rolling Stone Italy]

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I try to keep up with the mural scene, and appreciate Zio Ziegler’s work. However, I wouldn’t say that he’s been painting murals “for years” in the City. “Several” or “two” are more like it. If you want to talk about muralists who have painted for years, the list is long: Mona Caron, Jet Martinez, Susan Kelk Cervantes, Megan Wilson, Susan Greene, etc.