Taking 'Shot and a Beer' to a Whole New Level

Pop's Bar Used to Have a Gun Range

This month’s episode of Dirty Old Bar took a look at Pop’s, the 24th Street stalwart that was recently purchased by the owner of Madrone. And oh the things we learned.

“This bar has been around since God was a baby,” patron “John” told the folks behind DOB. “I’m talking the ’80s and ’90s.”

Sarcasm aside, he went on to detail how Pop’s used to be a Folsom Prison bar where cops and ex-cons used to hang out—and how they setup bales of hay in the back to practice their shot.

Give the whole episode a watch: it’s a great look back at one of the neighborhood’s most choice holes before renovations hit.

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I liked that chorus better when it was sung by Dash Rip Rock.

Cool clip though.

Handlebars what a knobjockey that guy is.

People who swear alot are tough.

“a lot”

Thanks, I need more caffiene.

I really enjoy these feature. Fancy bars come and go but these proper dives have such a long and interesting history. Keep them coming, UA